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message 2: by Lais (new)

Lais | 187 comments Done!
Some of these could go with some cleaning up, the automatically imported titles are quite messed up and the first one needs a series to be created for it, and some editions need to be combined. I corrected the titles on the ones I added the covers for, but I didn't have the time now to fix the titles of the other volumes to create the new series. I'll keep the link open so I think of doing that, but you can also post it in the topic "Looking for a project". :)

message 3: by Hyperion (new)

Hyperion | 40 comments Thank you! All but the first one are fixed for me, but the first (Genius Prince) is still showing "no image available." Could you double check that one, please? Thanks.

message 4: by Lais (new)

Lais | 187 comments For me the cover image is showing of the Genius Prince is showing. Maybe if you clear the cache of your browser?

message 5: by Hyperion (new)

Hyperion | 40 comments It's working now, thanks!

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