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My new e-book is currently free

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message 1: by Damion (new)

Damion Belvett | 4 comments Paperback and hardcover coming soon.


message 2: by Alan (new)

Alan Flores | 3 comments Cool and congrats.

But you got to sell your book better.

Why should I read this and not anything else in my wating list?

message 3: by Damion (last edited Sep 05, 2019 09:41AM) (new)

Damion Belvett | 4 comments Clipses: Awaken is a sci-fi action adventure graphic novel set in a
futuristic galaxy. It tells the story of individuals who gains abilities through different eclipses due to their Clipse genes.


The year is 2161 ACW, a few years have gone by since the War of the Clipses. The Celestial Council has rebuilt and deployed their Solar Hunters in search of the Lunar Order who are now scattered across the galaxy.

As the Lunar Order experiment on children in-order to find a cure to the deadly Apoptosis disease that plagues them, the Solar Hunters are stretched thin across the galaxy trying to hunt them down.

Krill, a student at the Solaris institute and member of the Solar Hunters, finds himself on the opposite side of his team when another one of his family members is killed by a member of the Celestial Council.

Leaving the Solar Order in hopes of finding his father to help him exact revenge, he leads some of his former allies on a dangerous mission into enemy territory.

Clipses: Awaken is the first Volume in this graphic novel series. You will enjoy it if you enjoy books reading novels based on sci-fi action adventures. It’s a great world building, character enriched, plot driven story that spans across 7 volumes.

the book is available on the following site:


Paperback and Hardcopies will be published this month as well.

message 4: by Damion (last edited Sep 05, 2019 09:39AM) (new)

Damion Belvett | 4 comments Thanks Alan, I'm just a writer. Promotional avenue is something I'm working on. I appreciate the advice.

message 5: by Alan (new)

Alan Flores | 3 comments No problem, I will give it a go and tell you what I think about it

message 6: by Damion (new)

Damion Belvett | 4 comments Thanks Alan

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