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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle grade book about a club full of young girls fascinated by a "fast" boy and developed girl. [s]

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Rainbowheart | 16897 comments Hi guys,

Vague memories here of a book from the late '80s, early '90s. I thought the title was Kissing Games, but I guess not. I can't find anything that seems to match. General plot is about a group of junior high age girls, not older than 12, who have a club. I think the club was called The Quail Club. There were three or four girls total, and they became fascinated with an older boy. He was also in junior high, but he was considered "fast" because he was obsessed with sex, and at some point, a kissing game or a kissing party was involved in the plot.

To prepare for said kissing party, one of the girls went to Frederick's of Hollywood to buy something sexy and started looking at lingerie, and the saleswoman came over and told her she was too young to be in that shop, and she'd better go over to the teen store in the mall. When the kissing party did happen, I believe it involved Spin the Bottle or possibly Seven Minutes in Heaven.

The "fast" boy had started dating a girl who had developed breasts, and the girls in the club remarked negatively about her choice in clothing, saying it wasn't feminist for her to show her breasts off. I think the ultimate message of the book, if there was one, is that the "fast" boy and girl were decent characters and shouldn't be stereotyped. Even though the boy was a junior high Lothario type, he wasn't all bad.

Pretty sure this book was a hardcover with a picture of the main girl in the story sitting on a chair, staring dreamily into space while chewing on a pencil. This would have been pubbed 1993 at the very latest. It could have been as old as the '70s with updated '80s cover art.

Thanks mucho for any help!

Rainbowheart | 16897 comments One other thing that may or may not help. The girl who had developed breasts was compared to Marilyn Monroe several times.

Rainbowheart | 16897 comments Thanks so much, but it wasn't anything as well known as Judy Blume.

Similar cover, although the one I remember had more of an '80s vibe. The girl was sitting in an armchair facing front.

message 5: by Ayshe (new)

Ayshe | 4162 comments I'd Rather Think about Robby looks like a possibility?

Rainbowheart | 16897 comments Bingo, thanks so much!

I'd Rather Think about Robby by Merrill Joan Gerber

That's definitely the book I was looking for. And the cover matches!

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