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Michael Evans (mevansinked) | 15 comments Title: Deadwave
Series: Conspiracy Chronicles Book 1
ASIN: B07X8956ZB
Publisher: Boundless Press
Publication Date: 10/3/19

One secret organization. One zombie-infested, virtual reality game. One dream.

The only love Sam has in life is Deadwave, a virtual reality, zombie, battle royale video game. He has spent most of his teenage years escaping the agony of his mother’s suicide and a dreary world on the precipice of collapse by killing zombies and other players in Deadwave, making it his sole mission to become the best player on the planet. Now his dream is right at his fingertips, but dark secrets are lurking in Sam’s past that threaten to take everything away from him. After Sam is kidnapped and forced by a secretive group of wealthy people to steal the patents to a revolutionary technology from his father that will allow people to live forever in a virtual world, Sam is given just thirty days to live.

Now, Sam must face the biggest challenge of his life. He must win the Deadwave World Championship and end the constant torture and manipulation from this ultra-powerful group, or it's game over.

If you love Altered Carbon or Ready Player One then this high-octane, cyberpunk thriller is just for you.

Format: eBook
Page Count: 90k words (so about 360 pages) this may be updated when pre-order period is done
Link to cover:

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