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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina | 42 comments Mod
September is National Sewing month also National Indoor Plant week happens the third week of the month.

Read a book that involves sewing or gardening.

The book must be at least 150 pages long.

The book can be paperback, hardback or e-book format.

Please post name of book, author and review on this thread.

Happy reading!!!!

message 2: by ☺Trish (new)

☺Trish I am reading Daisies For Innocence by Bailey Cattrell for this month's challenge.

message 3: by ☺Trish (new)

☺Trish Daisies For Innocence, the first book in the Enchanted Garden Mystery series, by Bailey Cattrell was an entertaining introduction to Poppyville, California resident Elliana "Ellie" Allbright, Dash - her Welsh Corgi, and her aromatherapy & perfume shop - Sense and Nonsense (Scents and Nonsense would have made more sense). Filled with likeable and realistic characters that would typically populate a small,tourist town. I enjoyed learning about the language of flowers and picturing Ellie's garden set behind her shop (and her "tiny" home, too).
I will definitely read more of the Enchanted Garden Mystery series!

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