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Superior: The Return of Race Science
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Q1. If you work in the STEMM sector, how did you feel reading Superior? Did it make you uncomfortable? Were you surprised by anything covered in the book?

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Q2. Superior begins by describing how humanity was defined in the 18/19c by scientists with a white colonial framework. Does this still occur in modern science?

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Q3. Personal genetics-based ancestry testing companies have grown in popularity. Have you taken one these tests? What was your motivation in doing so?

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Q4. Ch3 of Superior describes the dark past of one of the world’s most prestigious research institutes, Max Planck, and their public apology in 2001. Have research institutes in your own country been similarly open about their past?

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Q5. What responsibility do scientists have to consider the impact their research into genomics and human evolution may have?

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Q6. Have you also read Inferior by Angela Saini ? How do these two books complement each other? Which did you enjoy more?

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