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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Woman recently widowed; her and husband owned mercenary/blackops organization; she’s back on her first op since his death & his team replacement is on the op too; part of a series

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Kb | 2 comments Hi, I read this book years ago (7-10 years ago) - it was part of a series (romance / romantic suspense/ like that) where the main character was a widow whose husband had recently been killed on an operation (they were owners together of a mercenary company). She is returning to her first op (I think) since his death. There’s a new member of their team hired to take her husband’s place & he’s on the mission too. Their romance wasn’t the end result of this book, book but there were sparks. Can’t remember author or title.

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Kb, is this the first book in the series? About how many books are in the series?

Can you tell us more about the couple - their ages, skills/jobs, interests, etc.? What's his back story? What do they think of each other at the start?

What's the location (country/region/city)?

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Kb | 2 comments Hmm, first book in the series. Not sure how long the series was, since I only read this one book.

The couple were in their 30s I believe. He had just joined the team in her husband’s spot - can’t remember more about his backstory. The husband had been killed on one of the company’s missions maybe a year before.

They were ‘operators’, w/ military backgrounds for both of them (as much as I can recall).

He was sort of gruffly flirty & she was unintentionally attracted to him. And didn’t want to be. This book introduced them, but wasn’t their story as far as getting together.

She was now the head of this company & wasn’t sure she could live up to what’s missing from the team with her husband’s death.

Thanks for the questions! i know it’s not a lot to go on, but I thought I’d try!

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