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Rhonda Murray | 1 comments Regency Romance - 2-3 hr read not the thicker 'bodice ripper' paperback; cover was gone when I got it but I think it was darker muted yellow. I think it was a series with all the books focused on one street in London. mid-late 90s maybe
Heroine may have been Miranda. She gave her least little made Lizzy or Libby maybe a bit of ribbon to tie up her hair. She taught her staff to wash their hair rather than powder or flour it. She was an orphan whose uncle gambled. I think the book started in a tiny flat in ?Scotland? possibly just the north of England. Somehow they managed to get to London. She gambled with the ladies and won to keep afloat. She was very frugal in her 3 story household. I remember nothing about the hero but there had to be one. Small possibility of a crazy aunt in a puce dress that was fashionable a decade or more earlier.

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I'm guessing you put this in Solved by accident? Moving to Unsolved.

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