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Sep/Oct: Beloved by T. Morrison > Your Favourite Toni Morrison Book(s)?

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message 1: by Jo, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Jo (jo_9) | 373 comments Mod
Hi everyone,
As Toni Morrison is such an epic legend, I know a lot of you have already read many of her books.
Which Toni Morrison book is your favourite any why?

☕️Hélène⚜️ (timelessnreading) This will be my first book by Toni Morrison Beloved looking forward to it.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments I read Toni Morrison's Beloved in high school and wrote my junior seminar analytic essay on her text. I have not revisited the text since then and am so excited to read the book again! It's my favorite.

message 4: by Moon (new)

Moon | 2 comments I read it in high school and again in college. I love hers and Dr. Angelou's works.

message 5: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
I'm a new reader to Morrison's work. Beloved and Bluest Eyes has been on my TRL for a long time. I'm very excited!

Thank you OSS for giving me this impetus to start

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

The Song of Solomon is my absolute favorite Toni Morrison novel!

message 7: by Kate (new)

Kate (katetakate) | 96 comments I’m still reading Beloved. And just finished The Bluest Eye - such a meaningful and relevant book. I felt both sympathy and anger towards each character. Toni Morrison’s use of metaphors and imagery, especially flowers not blooming alluding to past events, and the story’s seasonal fragments is poetic and deeply meaningful and moving, painfully poignant.

message 8: by Eileen (new)

Eileen | 1 comments I loved Beloved, but my favorite Toni Morrison novel is Jazz. Pure poetry.

message 9: by Paddy (new)

Paddy Gillespie | 1 comments I’m reading beloved at the moment. The first one I read by Morrison was God help the child. It was an easy read. I then picked up the bluest eye and was knocked off my feet. I feel like I discovered Morrison too late to appreciate her while she was alive, but now I’m trying to tear through her catalogue

message 10: by Ashlynn (new)

Ashlynn Faulkner | 1 comments hello, I'm a little late to this topic as I have just joined this group! I have read all of Morrison's novel except Love and Paradise. I'm almost done with God Help the Child. Home, Sula, and Beloved are my favorites!

message 11: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments Bluest Eye is my favorite but I have yet to read Song of Solomon and Jazz. Her writing is amazing!

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