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Tierra Cox (tierrawritesromance) | 3 comments Title Reminiscing
* Author(s) name(s) Tierra Cox
* ISBN (or ASIN) Doesnt have one yet comes out on 9/9
* Publisher ZachEvans Creative
* Publication date 9/9/19
* Format ebook and paperback
* Description KyuBeom Yoon is known as the ice prince of the renowned K-pop group, C4. All he wanted was to get away from it all—the lights, the cameras, and the fame that comes with being an idol. And all he wants is Maya Campoy. With Maya, he gets the chance to feel normal, to be loved, to be happy…and so much more. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Years later, he finds himself on a radio show reliving a tale of love and heartbreak, wondering if, at the end of it all, she’ll give him another chance.
* Page count 102
* Link to book page AND

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