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message 1: by Neo (last edited Sep 02, 2019 11:23PM) (new)

Neo Bookdragon (neobookdragon) | 2 comments Hi,

I'm currently trying to gain more experience in critiquing. I will provide a book review as a casual reader.

I'm mostly drawn to diverse, dark, and emotional fiction. Anything that's off the beaten track, gritty, and deeply personal is usually my thing.

Some of my favs:
Contemporary: 'We Are Okay' by Nina LaCour and 'Radio Silence' by Alice Oseman
Fantasy: 'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo and 'Spinning Silver' by Naomi Novik

If you're interested, please reply with a short summary of your book below or send me a DM. I will contact you via DM if I'm interested. I can only accept works below 100K words. My turnaround time is two weeks. YA only.

message 2: by Jonas (new)

Jonas Frid | 27 comments There are a few YA Fantasy manuscripts over here: 🙂

message 3: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Sevov | 81 comments Hello Neo,
The Black King's quest is nearly over after seventeen years. Soon the Univerlsal War will end and King Kerrasar will reign supreme in a world where no human, wizard or any crature will be safe. The only hope people have lives on the Capital, Planet Earth, unaware of who they truly are.
But they will find out. Each one shall bear the fate and name of a Saviour, and the world's fate will hang on their shoulders. However, not all can be heroes that easily.
My 95K YA novel is a Fantasy and Sci-fi that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. A story of war, vengeance and family drama. If you are interested you'll have as much time as you need, and please reach me at
Best of wishes!

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth M | 3 comments Hi Neo,

I currently have the first 4 chapters of a YA fantasy that I'm looking to get feedback on (so not a full manuscript). I'm really looking to get some comments on my introduction to my characters and world before I continue.

A girl made from secrets, a boy made from anger, a rebelling guardian and a rival-turned-ally criminal. Can they work together to try to prevent tragedy and save their city?
It’s a story of found family, questioning the status quo, and learning how to love yourself and accept the love others give you.

If you're interested please shoot me a DM :)

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 14 comments Hello Neo,

I have the first draft of 80k word contemporary YA. A foster kid runs away and hops trains. It showcases living on the streets and ptsd.

In a bid to escape, Jesse hops a train in the middle of the night. With no provisions, no guide and no clue what he's doing, can he outrun his inner turmoil or will it just find him again?

At first, Jesse's trying not to get killed as he's figuring out how to live homeless. The plan was only to get away from the school long enough to reach emancipation. But as he begins connecting to people and building more meaningful relationships with other train hoppers, he finds it harder to leave and he's suddenly drawn into trouble he never could've imagined.

Does he stay with the people he cares most about and risk death or can he bring himself to walk away?

Thank you :) Let me know if interested.

message 6: by Ruby Teresa (new)

Ruby Teresa (hasthrownafewbooksacrossrooms) | 6 comments Hi Neo!
I’m looking for betas for my YA Dark Fantasy that is 79k words long. Below is the sypnosis. You can message me or email me at if you’re interested!

Avalon lives in a country where Creatures are the predators, and humans are the prey. And she’s pretty sure she’s the only one who is both a predator and prey. When she joins up with a ragtag group of survivors, her life changes drastically as she learns that surviving with others is sometimes better than surviving alone.

Thanks so much!

message 7: by Tara (new)

Tara Powell | 7 comments Hi,

I may have missed the boat and you may be all filled up but I have a YA Contemporary completed novel (97K) called ‘Given Up’ that I would love you to Beta read. In short, it is about how a teenager deals with the death of his mother by suicide.

Here is the blurb below, it currently has over 5K reads on Wattpad since I started posting it in March. Wattpad is great but I’m really looking for some critique now from someone who understands YA etc.


Fifteen-year-old Kyle Clark just wants to be left alone.

No one seems to have gotten the memo.

Everyone just wants him to talk about his Mum: his friends, his teachers and definitely his long lost Auntie that he now has to live with.

He tries to hide but manages to be pulled into a friendship with a new girl at school, Cassie. She is passionate about dancing and it reminds him of his love for Karate.

But that was his old life: Karate has too many bad memories for him now.

A friend he made in foster care, Diego, helps him forget the past, but he has his own secrets too.

As Kyle battles with the past, and how he fits into the world now, will he learn to trust again?


Any questions, please ask!

message 8: by Ron (new)

Ron (allthunbs) | 15 comments Neo wrote: "Hi,

I'm currently trying to gain more experience in critiquing. I will provide a book review as a casual reader.

I'm mostly drawn to diverse, dark, and emotional fiction. Anything that's off th..."

Hi Neo:

I have a finished work that needs a good beta read. It's 181,000 words in *.pdf. The story is fiction but the psychology isn't. I don't know what the target audience is. Originally, it was for kids but I've been told that no kid would read it, but every kid should know it. Some, who have read it, have reconsidered the fundamental way in which their families work. This is fiction but it is a description of life that isn't. Your help in pegging where it should fit in the ever more complicated classification of genres would be appreciated. It's the story of an old man who takes in a foster child and teaches her what is a good life. Your help is appreciated.

Ron Woodall

message 9: by Mytchel (new)

Mytchel Chandler (authormytchelchandler) | 42 comments Hello! My name is Mytchel Chandler and I am seeking Beta readers for my 82K word, YA Fantasy novel, titled The Dark and Dangerous Days of Sin Shadow. I am looking for a comprehensive assessment focused on a generalized view of the story. I.e. Narrowing in on plot holes, character inconsistency, etc. Please review the synopsis below and see if it is something you’d be interested in. Looking forward to working with you!
Sin Shadow, a coming of age teen, has found his true calling in life, becoming a baker. But destiny has other plans as he discovers he has the ability to travel through shadows. When he asks his queen for capital in order to open up his bake shop, the Queen gives him an ultimatum; become the ambassador between the two sides of their world, The Land of the Light and the Land of the Dark, and stop the war from happening, or face the front lines.
He is sent to reconcile with King Nyx, the leader of The Land of the Dark, but struggles on his journey as he unearths the meaning behind his newfound abilities. Sin’s mission to harmonize the two lands turns into a desperate race against time when a foreign army from a land beyond the sea threatens to invade.
Not only must he stop the red army from conquering his homeland, garner the trust of two divided nations, parent his winged cat-son, Alonso, and wrestle with the knowledge that he may never own his own bakery, but Sin must find the answer to the question he’s been struggling with his whole life: Where does he belong?

message 10: by Gerard (new)

Gerard O'Neill | 74 comments Hi Neo,

I have a 'gritty and off-the-track' 60K word YA science fiction book ready to read in a few days after final edits ozn the MS are done. Do not be put off by the YA tag, I think you will find the themes thought provoking. This is book 2 in a series.

I'm looking for sharp eyes on pacing, continuity, on character believability, world building, and story. All suggestions welcome, I have thick skin. I would like inline comments.

Thank you in advance.

message 11: by Jeff (last edited Nov 29, 2019 08:35AM) (new)

Jeff de León (httpstwittercomjeffhdeleon) | 12 comments Hello!

My book is highly diverse with mostly queer POV characters. I think it straddles the line between YA and adult in the same way as Six of Crows.

It should be pretty polished as I have had editors, though I have heavily revised the first half over the last year. The second is less polished as I am currently adjusting inconsistencies and such created with revision to the first half. The plot has been "locked in" for ages now, so story-level inconsistencies shouldn't be a problem.

Genre: YA Science-Fantasy
Length: 90k Words (about 70k very polished)
Queer protagonists in a diversity-norm world.
Note that Celene is bi and one of the novel's main ships is f/f.

Seventeen-year-old Zander’s excitement to marry the formidable Princess Alessia turns to despair when she runs away, unwilling to marry him or any man. Desperate to prove himself, Zander accepts a suicidal mission to hunt down the last of the all-powerful Machine-Gods that once ruled the world. Perhaps success will end the dreams of his mother trying to drown him beneath the ice of a frozen sea like the other failures in his genetically-enhanced royal lineage.

Meanwhile, hiding below the Earth, the machines have designed two perfect and powerful clones to defend them. Isolated from the rest of humanity, a clone named Celene competes against Saniya, the girl she desperately loves and unconsciously hates as they train for war against the free kingdoms of humans who, left unchecked, will devour and destroy the Earth just as they did in ancient times.

On opposite sides, Celene and Zander must find a way to escape the strings that control them before they become the latest victims in a war between immortal kings and ancients machines—a war where love itself is a weapon.

message 12: by Vivienne (new)

Vivienne Louis | 13 comments Greetings Neo

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Magical Realm/Witches

Title: Faith Spiritwolfe: Pain and Knowledge

What I’m looking for: I’m worried about the pacing. As it’s more on the novella side of things giving the length, I didn’t faff about and add lots of extra events. I fear it might be too fast paced to be realistic so that’s why I’m seeking Beta Readers.
I’m also open to Critique Partnering as well.


Sixteen-year-old Faith Spiritwolfe never had what anyone would describe as a normal life; she can start fires with a flick of her wrist, she has two different colored eyes, and she can transform into a panther. Raised by her ever-distant father who is oblivious to her abilities, all Faith has ever wanted was to learn about the mother who died giving birth to her. She hopes that if she unlocks her mother’s past, she can find out where her powers come from.

When her father’s work moves them to New York City, she enrolls at the prestigious Alexander Prep School, which happens to be where her parents met. Much to her surprise, she finds herself thrown into a centuries-old conflict between two factions of supernatural beings. As Faith starts unraveling the secrets of the mother's past, she learns more than ever wanted to about not only herself but also the true nature of her abilities.

Let me know if you’re interested.


message 13: by Molly (new)

Molly Stegall (mollystegall) | 168 comments Hello, I have recently finished my Fantasy book: Ashes of Revenge (107,410 words). I would describe this as a YA Fantasy book and would love to have a Beta Reader(s) read and review it! If you would only be willing/able to do a chapter or two that is fine as well!
Thank you!

In the land of Fantacia, there are five Kingdoms that rule over all, each having its own species: Farian, Monstro, Mundus, Shifter, and Telik. The Kingdom's are constantly at odds and have been on the brink of war for years.

Hoping to take advantage of the Kingdom's disheveled state is Raven, a Mundus that has three-fourths of her body burned. Richard, a Farian with wings as dark as the night and an unmatched skillset with a sword. Colt, a Shifter with two different colored eyes who escaped the Shifter Kingdom and has unmatched fighting skills.

The small group wishes nothing more than to take over the Kingdom's and claim the thrones for themselves. However, one day Raven runs into the entity of Death, and he forces them to derail their plan and follow his, unknown to Richard and Colt. Raven has to go to the Kingdom that she never wanted to see again, the Mundus Kingdom. There, the group's secrets and pasts begin to slowly rise to the surface, threatning their plans. Raven is forced to do as Death says, which begins to take a physical and mental toll on Raven. However, they still have one goal - revenge.

Please PM me :)

message 14: by James (new)

James Cubby | 15 comments Hi,
I'm looking for a beta reader for my 69,000 YA Adventure MOB TREASURE.
Inspired by Meyer “The Mob’s Accountant” Lanksy’s rumored hiding of millions of dollars, and the hunt to find it. Think National Treasure meets The Last Treasure. (A modern day Treasure Island where the pirates are mobsters.)

Fifteen-year-old Joey Lasky lives in a fantasy world of mafia kingpins and hitmen fueled by stories from his grandfather. In reality, he’s afraid of his own shadow and jumps at the sound of a closing locker – imagining it a gunshot. Now he feels lost and more alone as his beloved grandfather has died.

Armed with a book – Treasure Island - filled with clues sent to him after his grandfather’s death, Joey and his best friend fly to Miami to search for the hidden “treasure.” Joey knows the hunt will be dangerous because his grandfather was a notorious mob boss and the new mob boss has threatened him. Claiming the hidden money is theirs, the mob will stop at nothing to get it, including killing anyone who stands in their way.
If you're interested or have the time contact me via email at
James Cubby

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