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About Liberty Levine - no spoilers!

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Colin Falconer (httpscolinfalconerorg) | 6 comments Here’s a little about Loving Liberty Levine to start the week... don’t worry, no spoilers!

In 1913, Sarah Levine leaves her small village and sails to New York to start a new life with her husband, Micha in the United States, the land where dreams come true. All Sarah really wants is what has come so easily to her sisters—a family of her own.

In her new home in the Lower East Side of New York, she names her baby girl Liberty, after the great statue in the harbor that she saw when she first came to America.

From struggling to raise Liberty in a Lower East Side tenement to building a fashion empire, the only constants in Sarah’s life are her love for her daughter - and a terrible secret about Libby that she has vowed never to tell anyone.

But the truth cannot stay hidden forever. As Liberty grows to womanhood and the world prepares to go to war again, Sarah is asked to make one last impossible choice...

message 2: by Dyana (new)

Dyana | 187 comments Sounds inspiring and challenging for all to read.

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