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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob Priest | 87 comments Mod
Do you agree that many times we judge a culture by the behavior of a small group of people or individuals?

On page 114 he says racist white makes it possible for almost unexceptional whites to succeed but only exceptional blacks to succeed

Is it wrong to find a "good" example of a cultural group and ask others of that group to strive to imitate that example, as in using MLK as a standard for black americans to emulate?

I do agree we need to adapt the attitude that there is no such thing as black behavior or irresponsible black behavior (114)

I personally struggled with the discussion on SAT's and testing intellect based on how knowledgeable the students are about their own environment.

I still believe that even testing should cover the same for all people, around math, reading, history etc. Am I misunderstanding the authors intent or am I missing something else?

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Manchester (calvinistbatman) | 233 comments Mod
He mentions that SAT knowledge is two parts: (1) actual reading, math, etc knowledge and (2) knowing how to take the test. Think of it in sports: there's strength/skill and there's form.

A 200 point difference is crazy, and we are not teaching the second part to non-rich-white-kids (or people who can afford to live in their neighborhoods).

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