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message 2: by Adrian (last edited Sep 10, 2019 08:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adrian | 35 comments It’s strange, I have read this book before (a few times and fairly recently, I would check when if I wasn’t on my phone) but I never noticed the bit about smoking “Benson and Hedges” before 😳
I don’t what things are like in USA but here in UK, the number of smokers has decreased drastically over the past say 20 years with the advent of mandatory smoke free work environments, restaurants and bars , as well as bus stops and some car parks. So therefore to read them lighting up after eating was quite a shock.

All of that said I am really enjoying my re-read, anyone else ??

Randy | 63 comments I missed this years ago when I was reading the non-juveniles. That may have been a good thing.

Having spent three years in the army (even if not in a combat job), I'm better able to understand the military-oriented humor. Plus, I'm catching a lot of cultural and literary references that would have gone over my head in my late teens. And, since I'm reading it as an ebook on my tablet, it's a simple matter to take a moment to look up the references I still don't get.

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