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Shomeret | 1388 comments 5)The Future is Female! Women's Science Fiction Stories from the Pulp Era to the New Wave ed. Lisa Yaszek (science fiction anthology) 530 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/20 Finished: 8/23

Why Read: This is being discussed on a GR group, but I'm late to the party. I couldn't fit it in any sooner.

Comments: There was one story that I loved when I read it many years ago. Some of those I hadn't read previously were readable, but generally speaking I wasn't impressed.
I gave it a B-

6)Sands of Eppla by
Janeal Falor (epic fantasy) Source: ARC from author via Story Origin
Started: 8/23 Finished: 8/29

Why Read: The MC is a blind woman and she's got a monkey on her shoulder who assists her. Interesting!

Comments: This is an unusual dystopia in which love at first sight is regarded as the only type of love. Only the people who've experienced it are allowed to marry or have children. They are the aristocracy. The MC can never experience love at first sight because she's blind, but she's smart and resourceful. I gave this an A. See my review at

7)Mamur Zapt & the Night of the Dog by Michael Pearce (historical mystery) 185 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/30 Finished: 8/31

Why Read: This book was selected by the F2F mystery group that I attend to be discussed in August. The meeting was on the first Tuesday of the month, but I didn't get it from the library on time. The same thing is about to happen in September. I only go to that library on Tuesdays, but of course the group selection that I wanted to read wasn't available last Tuesday. I can pick it up this coming Tuesday on the day of the meeting. Arrgh! The book takes place in English ruled Egypt in the early 20th century. The Mamur Zapt is a British official who is the head of CID in Cairo. There is a dead dog that was found in a Coptic tomb. The Coptic community believes that a Muslim did it as an insult. These two religious groups are constantly in conflict. This sounded interesting. I wanted to find out more about the Coptic Church which is a Christian sect.

Comments: I did find out a few things about the Coptic Church. I also learned about some Islamic practices.
Yet most of the book was taken up with repetitive incidents of conflict while the Mamur Zapt is trying to find out who is behind it all, and broker a truce between these two communities. It was interesting, but not quite as interesting as I expected it to be. I gave it a B+

8)"The Murders in the Reed Moore Library" by Ryan M. Williams (mystery short story) Source: Free for members of the author's e-mail newsletter Started: 8/31 Finished: 8/31

Why Read: The author should be pun-ished for that title. I should have realized that the title was signaling the tone of the story, but I wanted a mystery short story to round out the month.

Comments: The plot was ridiculous, but I liked the cat viewpoint character. I felt that the solution was so silly that I gave it a D, but just marked it read on Goodreads.

Gee, I'd really like some better mystery short stories for the end of the month. Anybody know of any? But I did read a couple of really excellent indie novels.

message 2: by Karly (new)

Karly | 339 comments Great month! The women’s scifi book sounds interesting!

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14822 comments Nice month Shomeret! Two ‘A’ rated books is very nice to have. I would probably have the same issue getting a selected book in time to read it if I participated in a f2f book group with a set date to discuss a book.
I hope you find some good mystery short stories to read at the end of months. I don’t run into many. There are ‘shorts’ for teasers for series (like the Karin Slaughter/ Lee Child collaboration with Jack Reacher and Will Trent) I think it was Go for the Gold or something like that. I’ll edit the title later as I am on the app and can’t easily look it up right now. It was very good as a fan of both series.

message 4: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14822 comments Shomeret and Katy:
I will seek out this sci/fi anthology too. It looks interesting. I watched a documentary on Ursula K. Le Guin recently and in it she mentioned how her voice in writing, for decades, was to write in a male voice and perspective as it was all that would sell. Later she created many non-male main characters in science fiction and we all appreciate reading about “people like us” in characters. I found her life quite fascinating.

Karly wrote: "Great month! The women’s scifi book sounds interesting!"

Shomeret wrote: "5)The Future is Female! Women's Science Fiction Stories from the Pulp Era to the New Wave ed. Lisa Yaszek (science fiction anthology) 530 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/20 Finish..."

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