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Paige (iampaigeb) | 637 comments Mod
You can post what you think of this book when done here.

message 2: by Paige, Odd Thomas for March (new)

Paige (iampaigeb) | 637 comments Mod
I absolutely loved reading this book. So different yet felt similar to many. As I was reading, it felt like something from V For Vendetta. Now I know it is completely a different type of story but it is similar to a part in the movie. When she reads her neighbors story on a roll of toilet paper. Just to have her story heard by someone else. That is how I felt when I was reading about Offred. It was a very captivating story. Quite dark like many of Atwood books but probably one of her all time best stories she has ever written. I do not want to spoil anything of the novel yet almost feels hard not to.

I would love to have a discussion about this novel with anyone who has read it. I would to talk of Fred, of Serena Joy and the Marthas, of Nick, and of Offred.

I felt as i was reading that this was already a current present or has happened and the Historical Notes helped create that feeling as they were written as if the present time is 2195. Very well written story.

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