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Ilona | 3821 comments Happy September, everyone!
This year we’ve sown seeds that have grown into wonderful friendships, challenges, and more. In September, we’ll celebrate this with our theme of Harvest. It’s a great month to tell a friend you met in our group “thank you”, participate in one of our “bountiful” challenges, and join one of our “buzz”-worthy collective reads.

Tip from the Mods
You can use this message as a quick and easy way to navigate the many activities the group offers! The latest monthly message can always be found under Announcements.

Group Read
Every month, our group votes on and reads a book together. You don't have to read the book, but we would love it if you did!
Our September theme is Harvest and our group read for this month is Animal Farm by George Orwell, a classic satire about revolution and totalitarianism nominated by Kelly. Feel free to join the discussions or post your review of the book!
You can also vote for our October book with the theme of Fright Night as well as nominate a book for November with the theme of Veterans!

We are at the end of the third quarter of 2019 and thus three-quarters through our yearly challenges! Did you not sign up yet? Please check them out and join one or multiple of them. Even if you join now, you can still count all the books you have already read in 2019!

We are in the last month of the in Third Quarter challenges which both match our 3nd Quarter theme, "Books to Television". Our first challenge, Books on the Little Screen, focuses on TV and cable shows and is being led by oshizu.
With the second challenge, Small Screen, Big Screen, and Streaming In-Between led by SarahKat, we will try to tackle not only our endless TBR pile, but also our TBW lists! It’s not too late to join, and you can count all books (and shows) finished this quarter.

We also have two brand new monthly challenges for you! The challenge Cooking the Books relates to our monthly theme and combines reading with tasty morsels or beverages! Crystal will be leading this challenge. Our second challenge, Harvesting Knowledge, is an ode to both the harvesting season and the start of the new school year for many in the northern hemisphere. This challenge was suggested and will be led by SarahKat.

Do you have a great idea for a future monthly or quarterly challenge? Please let us know! Most of our challenges are created by members, and we love hearing your creative ideas.

TBR Twins
Share a book with an online friend while knocking off something from your TBR list!
You can sign up for October TBR Twins here, and we'll pair you with someone to read a book with next month. If you signed up for September, your twins are posted here. Please reach out to your twin and choose a book to read together!

Buddy Reads
Let’s read some books together! Buddy reads are a great way to read and discuss a book together with fellow group members. This month we will have a total of 12 Buddy Reads!
We are starting or continuing the following stand-alone books:
-- It, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Pocahontas, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking, These Witches Don’t Burn, and The Word for Woman is Wilderness.
We will also start reading the following series:
-- Handmaid’s Tale #1: The Handmaid’s Tale.
And continue with:
-- Little House #2: Little House on the Prairie, Mistborn #5: Shadows of Self, A Song of Ice and Fire #4: A Feast for Crows, Percy Jackson #3: The Titan’s Curse, and Poirot #9: Lord Edgware Dies.

If you would like to join any, please follow the link and let your buddies know you will be joining in the read!

Would you like to suggest a future Buddy Read or join an existing one? You can sign up on our current 2019 Buddy Reads - Sign Up thread. The following books are still in need of a buddy for September. Sign-ups for these are open until September 10: Blood Meridian; The Murder Artist; Night Train to Lisbon; The Things She’s Seen; and Waiting.

Finally, welcome to all of our new members! We can't wait to get to know you. Please stop in and introduce yourself or say hello to our new members!

Happy reading, everyone!

Kara, Winter, Ilona, Kristin, Rachael, Blagica, Megan, and oshizu

message 2: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 695 comments I would be willing to lead Cooking the Books challenge.

message 3: by oshizu, Challenges (new)

oshizu | 4948 comments Crystal wrote: "I would be willing to lead Cooking the Books challenge."

Crystal that would be fantastic! Please go ahead and set up a Participants list on the thread. Rachael will add your name to the challenge's first post later.
Thank you!

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