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Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA teens Thriller - Teens & adults in US are infected by zombie like virus like virus. [s]

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Vickie Baskett | 2 comments I purchased and read this book in either in 2017 or 2018. As far as I know this is a more recent publication. This book is for teens and young adults. This story happens currently in the United States. I don't remember the name of the town where the boy lives and goes to school, but the mother works back east in a big city like New York, Chicago, Boston, etc. The author is male. The book is hard bound. The language is in English. I don't remember book cover picture.

Synopsis of story is as follows:

The story starts when a BOY (main character) goes to school where everything seems normal just like any other school day. While in study period later on in the day, he and three students (2 boys, 1 girl/one boy has a disability, I think he’s lame) hear screams and running outside door in hall way. They cannot leave by the door because of what is happening outside. They end up escaping by one of the study room windows. Once outside they discover dead teenager’s bodies. On foot, they go to BOY's home, which is in walking distance, to try to survive outbreak. Both BOY's parents are away (mom works in office a distance from home. I don’t remember much about the father, except he’s away on business.). Once they arrive at the house, they board up doors and windows to keep the infected humans out. They find enough supplies and water to last awhile. They eventually do venture outside when they need some other things. They were able to salvage some food and other necessities to bring back home with them from neighbor’s houses. The area they live in is deserted. There is no sign of any of the infected in their neighborhood as of yet.

After a period of time the infected do find and attack the house especially from the rear trying to use the stairs up to the rear porch (Their only purpose is to bite and infect people). The kids find something to collapse the stairs with so they can't be used. They also have guns, BOY’s father kept inside the house, and use them to kill the attackers. Meanwhile:

BOY's mom who works in the high-rise office building, is affected by the same thing. People being attacked, bitten and turned into monsters in the city and in surrounding buildings. The other floors in building are already compromised. They have the office door barricaded to keep the infected out. Their supplies are limited, not enough for the number of people hiding in the office. The mom and and man decide to take a chance and eventually escape leaving the others to an unknown fate. They make it to the underground parking lot and use a souped up vehicle which is parked there. They barely escape, but do make it. Meanwhile:

The kids are running low on supplies and one of the four agitates and talks the others into going out to search for replacement of the needed supplies. They use the parent’s car which is in the garage. They go to a nearby strip mall which has a convenience store. They park behind the strip mall with lame boy staying in vehicle. While trying to enter the back of the convenience store, the main character and another boy make it through the back door. The girl doesn’t make it through the door in time before she is attacked and killed and the boy, who is still in the car, is attacked and killed there. Infected people discover the two boys, who are in the convenience store, and enter through the front door forcing one boy to hide in a bathroom locking the door, and the main character climbs up on top of shelving and enters the ceiling through the removable panels. He finds a way to storage room, through the ceiling access, which is behind the main room and escapes up a ladder through a trap door in the ceiling and finds access to store at the other end of strip mall through its roof ventilation.

The BOY's father is aware of outbreak and returns home, and is reunited with the mother and meets the male survivor who returned with her. They notice that the car is missing from the garage. They also discover that the house had recently been occupied and the guns were out and laid in handy places to be used. They determine that their son and friends had used the car and left. They go searching and finally find their car parked behind the strip mall. They go to the convenience store first and find the boy locked in the bathroom. Their son realizes what is happening and manages to leave the store in time to reunite with them. They leave the strip mall.

I don't remember where they were planning on going after they found the two boys. They were just running and trying to survive.

The father discovered, or knew, somehow (I don't remember) that this is a plague that was released in viral form throughout the US (I can't remember if any other part of the world was affected). I don't think they know for sure who did it.

Please help me find the title and author of this book. I love this book and really want to reconnect with it!!

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Clarissa | 33 comments Vickie wrote: "I purchased and read this book in either in 2017 or 2018. As far as I know this is a more recent publication. This book is for teens and young adults. This story happens currently in the United Sta..."

Zombie road series. The father is a trucker stuck in a diner/truck stop. The mom misses finding her son bc he is at the strip mall (on the roof) when she makes it home. The cover has a semi on it. Pretty sure it’s Convoy of Carnage “The last text he had received from his wife before the cell towers went down told him she was trapped in a high-rise in downtown Atlanta and their son was in detention, stranded in the basement of the school he attended.”
Actually sounds like you started at book Two “Lacy fights her way out of the high-rise office building and the kids who had managed to escape the high school and make it home face a new enemy. Boredom” Bloodbath on the Blacktop

Vickie Baskett | 2 comments Vickie wrote: "I purchased and read this book in either in 2017 or 2018. As far as I know this is a more recent publication. This book is for teens and young adults. This story happens currently in the United Sta..."

Dear Clarissa:

Oh, My God.....Thanks so much!

I had forgotten all about the Jessie story being incorporated within the Zombie Road series. I thought it was a separate book, no wonder I couldn't find it!

God bless you!


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