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message 1: by Shel, Moderator (new)

Shel (shel99) | 2118 comments Mod
Post here to discuss Sorcerer's Legacy by Janny Wurts. Spoilers ahead!

message 2: by Kathi, Moderator & Book Lover (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kathi | 3083 comments Mod
Initial comments on finishing the book. More as the discussion unfolds.

7/10—I found the first half of this book difficult to read—too many awkwardly placed adjectives and adverbs for the sentences to flow smoothly. Either I became accustomed to the author’s style or the writing changed just enough in the second half for me to really get into the story. And the story itself was a wonderful mix of familiar fantasy elements and unique additions and plot twists.

message 3: by Chris, Moderator (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris (heroncfr) | 492 comments Mod
This was the first Janny Wurts novel I've read, and I enjoyed this old-fashioned high fantasy. Elienne makes a quick decision, opting for an unknown future to escape her captors. What follows takes her to a new role in a new land where she fulfills a prophecy and finds new purpose and hope. A satisfying and entertaining tale with enough twists and turns to keep me engaged.

message 4: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim (jimmaclachlan) I really liked how there's a climax in the middle. The story seems to be heading for that point & it's there. There's a bit of a lull & the climb starts all over again to a higher peak. Woah! It's kind of her signature move. I've noticed it in her other novels.

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