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Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World
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Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Happy September, Glam Readers!

It's time to crack open our September selection. But first, a little background on how this book came to be on our 2019 Reading List.

Every year I select titles from 12 categories to ensure each year's book line-up is well-rounded with titles we're excited to read and titles we'd never pick up if not for this band of readers.

One of those twelve categories is "an author that changed my life." Emily Freeman is our 2019 Author That Changed My Life. Ten years ago, her book Grace For The Good Girl put words to thoughts and emotions I thought only I was thinking and feeling.

If this is your first encounter with Emily, I'm so excited to introduce you! If you know her and love her, check out her other titles and her episode of the What Should I Read Next? podcast!

message 2: by Faith (new) - added it

Faith Felice | 7 comments LisaMarie this is my first Freeman read! I am excited to pick up from the library when the hurricane passes!

Deanna Bailey (deannabailey) | 8 comments My first time reading Emily Freeman. Listening to the audio book!!

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Hi Faith & Deanna!

I hope you two are enjoying Emily's words as much as I am. There's pink highlighter on almost every page of this beautiful book!

message 5: by HollyAnn (new) - added it

HollyAnn | 1 comments There is a short mention of 9/11 in the book, and I just so happened to be reading that chapter this morning.

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
HollyAnn wrote: "There is a short mention of 9/11 in the book, and I just so happened to be reading that chapter this morning."

I had that same experience and it was such a lovely moment. I also loved the mention of orange roses against a blue sky.

Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Happy Book Club Eve, Glam Readers!

Here are our discussion questions for Simply Tuesday:

Icebreaker - Why do you read? What do you enjoy about your reading life?

1. What was your experience reading Simply Tuesday? How many benches 🛋 would you rate it? 

2. What does it look like to embrace small-moment living in your life? And/or to embrace smallness? (37)

3. What are the symptoms of city building in your life? (30-31) 

4. How do you stay focused on your “8 foot assignment?” (89) 

5. In what ways do you fear your personality gets in the way of your desired success? (95)

6. How do you know when you’re being pushed by fear? How do you know when you’re being led by love? (207-208)

7. Are you hoping for a particular ending to your small beginning? (224)

8. What are some ways you practice “chasing the flash” or capturing moments of hopeful vision for the future? (211-212)

9. Which of Emily’s thoughts or chapters impacted you most profoundly?

I'll see you Thursday, 9/26 @ 6 PM PST/9 PM EST live on YouTube!

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