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message 1: by Marju (new)

Marju Palmiste  | 9 comments heyhoo!
this time we're reading a book about addiction. a fellow nerd knew how to sell the book to me - the writer is Princess Leia. no, it isn't. it's Carrie Fisher.
the book has lots of ups and downs. reading it feels like reading a fairy tale because my oh my - there is a lot of going on.
she had a bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug addiction and a lot (i mean a lot) of family drama.
the memoir is not for everyone, though - it's said to be way too sarcastic.
so i'm going to let you make up your own mind about it, but i find the story thrilling. (i'm a bit of a second-hand-drama lover.)

enjoy the read!

message 2: by Di (last edited Sep 05, 2019 07:22AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Di | 331 comments Mod
Just finished the audiobook. The book is fairly short and Carrie Fisher herself narrates the audiobook.
Yes, there was a lot of sarcasm, but honestly, I enjoyed all of it.
Her life was quite interesting and she knew that people wanted to read about the saucy bits so she served up all the sensational things.
Unfortunately, it left the book bit shallow and didn't go in-depth about some moments that truly made her the woman she was. However, for what it was, it was still very enjoyable.

message 3: by RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) (last edited Sep 21, 2019 08:50PM) (new)

RM(Alwaysdaddygirl) Griffin (alwaysdaddyprincess) (alwaydaddygirl) | 541 comments Mod
Aloha All,

How is this book going, not stepping on toes? Do you like it or not?
I do like Stars Wars and her role in it. However, I am not fan of Fisher. It why I am skipping on this book. That is me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Regardless, I respect her mental health journeys.


message 4: by Kelli (new) - added it

Kelli | 5 comments This is a late response, but I really enjoyed this book! I find Fisher so funny and refreshing, especially when it comes to her views on mental illness, and in this particular instance addition. I think it's so important for celebrities to write these books to help make them more human in our eyes, because it's really easy to believe that actors, musicians and the like have perfect lives and couldn't connect with what we go through.

In general, I tend to not really like celebrities, or take any interest in their lives because I think it adds to some people's narcissim. I do appreciate when famous people are honest and connect to the rest of the population who might have a misconstrued impression of their lives.

Sorry, I'm off my soapbox, anyway, I really appreciated Fisher's sense of humor when talking about her struggles. Her writing and her story made me feel like I was a champ for going through all my struggles and making it out on the other side.

message 5: by Di (new) - rated it 3 stars

Di | 331 comments Mod
glad you enjoyed it!

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