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Kate (katespofford) | 61 comments I wasn't expecting to like this book so much, but it was a lot of fun! And I don't like to cook LOL. The descriptions of food made me sooo hungry...

Janine | 152 comments I'm only on page 76, but I'm liking what I'm reading. The short chapters feel more like vignettes and add to the slice of life feeling of this one, and I've laughed a few times. I like the fact that Emoni's friend Angelica taught her how to swear, but she's pulling back for the sake of her daughter.

Also, Kate, I'm liking the food descriptions and how Emoni is really into cooking shows.

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Ace (sigyn13) | 7 comments The short chapters in this book made me feel like it was easier to find stopping points that were conducive with my hectic life. It was nothing to be able to say “baby, after this chapter...” to my kids and it not be 20 minutes later.

Definitely did not anticipate liking it as much as I did. Just like you ladies say the food talk though 😂 Kind of want to make some of the food and get the recipes without a doubt. This book kept me hungry.

It is nice to watch how Emoni develops in this book. It’s even more astounding to see this book is about a high school mother. Something I never wish to see in my kids but it shows it can be done with great determination.

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Ace (sigyn13) | 7 comments How far along are you in your reading?
Who is your favorite character thus far?
What character development has you on the edge of your seat?

Janine | 152 comments I finished today. Those chapters being so short encouraged "one more chapter". I really liked Emoni the most; she's easy to connect with in more ways than one. She knows what she wants, but is scared at the same time, and prescribes to the "whatever feels good" method of cooking. I felt quite a bit of her in me. And her development had me at the edge of my seat, though I was really surprised by a couple of others later on.

Also, I have to try some of her dishes.

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Ace (sigyn13) | 7 comments So let me ask, for those who have finished. How did you feel about how the different relationships evolved throughout the story?

Janine | 152 comments I loved the relationships, and that none was neglected in the course of the story. They all had their time in the sun. I liked that Emoni's family was complicated and in a way, reminded me of my own (not so much the single motherhood, more of the extended family scattered all over). Like there was a family that was still there in some form or fashion, when it could have been easy to just have her alone without support. I like how things got better with Tyrone (not totally, but they seem to be improved over the year) as she decided to stick up for herself. I really liked Angelica and that Emoni says that she's a bad influence in terms of her swearing and now she's trying to ditch the potty mouth for baby girl. The enemies to lovers was a nice progression.

Brandi | 1 comments I was about to return it to the library on Sunday and instead I read the whole thing. I liked the unique perspective and the modernness. The slang words are right now. It amazes me how food connects people, how it transcends time and place. If you liked this I’d recommend Maman’s Homesick Pie.

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Kate (katespofford) | 61 comments I thought the relationships were realistic. Like, things were never super awesome with Tyrone but they did get better, and that's to be expected with a teen father, too.

Charis | 6 comments I really enjoyed this book. The characters were so real, the relationships were also realistic, and I just really liked the story! I also thought the little recipes throughout were quite cute!

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