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message 1: by Joe (new)

Joe Walters (joe_walters) | 4 comments Hey all! πŸ‘‹

I'm looking for another round of beta readers to take a look at the latest draft of my literary novel. Here's the info:

TITLE: 😎 A Thing About Ronnie
GENRE πŸ“™: Adult Literary
WORD COUNT πŸ™ƒ: 54,000
TRIGGER WARNINGS 🧐: Mild drug use and child abandonment
TAGLINE πŸ‘‚: When his parents leave him home alone in a strange new apartment, an imaginative six-year-old boy finds a portal in the back of the closet. Only catch? It’s not a portal. It’s a hole leading into the apartment next door.

I am hoping to find readers who could provide feedback in the form of a free-form letter about what works in the story for you and what doesn't. Send me a personal message if interested!

message 2: by Shruti (new)

Shruti Dua (21269129shruti_dua) | 2 comments Are you still looking for a beta reader?

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe Walters (joe_walters) | 4 comments Hey Shruti,

Nope! Thank you for offering though. If the story itself caught your eye, I'd be happy to send you a free copy in exchange for a review whenever it's nearing publication. Would you like me to reach out closer to the pub date?


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