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J. W. Garrett (jeannewallacegarrett) | 1252 comments It is amazing how JAFF stories feature many colors, religions, ethnicities, locations, and can span the length and breadth of the time continuum. You can slap an Austen inspired story anywhere and in any time period or era. Please post any JAFF with a Turkish flair here.

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Anji | 735 comments I keep trying to have a catchup with goings on here but August has been the month from hell! Don't worry, hubby is fine, it's work that's been rather.......trying, shall we say?

It's set in Turkey rather than Pakistan, but is set during the Ottoman Empire: House of Daughters: A Romance Set in 1920s Ottoman Turkey Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

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J. W. Garrett (jeannewallacegarrett) | 1252 comments That's the one Anji. Thanks for the save.

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