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Pink | 6556 comments A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy is our Old School read for October 2019.

This is the No Spoiler Thread
The Spoiler Thread will open October 1st

This early posting of the No Spoiler thread is to discuss any non-plot issues pertaining to the book.

Appropriate Posts can contain:
1. Information about the author.
2. Compare editions/translations.
3. Any historical or background information
4. Are you familiar with this author’s work? Do you have any expectations going into the book?
5. What made you decide to read this book?
6. Any fan fiction that you have read or would like to read? Just link the books.
7. If you loved the book and want others to share in that experience, use this thread to motivate others, again save plot specifics for the Spoiler thread
8. If you hated the book, it would be best to keep that for the spoiler page

The most important thing to remember is no plot discussion. Any post that contains plot information or spoilers will be deleted.

Kelly_Hunsaker_reads ... | 273 comments I have been wanting to read this one for a long time. So glad it was finally chosen.

Philina | 1562 comments Me too!

Darren (dazburns) | 1870 comments I had this slated as my next Hardy (having previously read only Far From The Madding Crowd) so was v.pleased when it won the poll, and have just started!

Terry | 1497 comments My copy just arrived, but I may not start for a couple of weeks.

Franky | 136 comments I am in for this one, and have my copy, but trying to finish another book first, so it might be about a week for me. Interested to get back to reading another Hardy :)

Candi (candih) | 770 comments I've started it. It's an enjoyable read, not sure yet if it's going to really wow me or not. But then again, I'm in the minority - I did not love Jude the Obscure, although many seem to admire that one. I have always wanted to give Hardy another go since then, so I am happily reading this one for now :)

Philina | 1562 comments I‘ve started reading and quite like it so far.

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