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Janessa W | 2 comments so i read this book years ago, but there was a girl who i think had red hair and maybe copper eyes who could talk to a dragon with copper scales. she also fell in love with a boy but i don’t remember much about him. in her kingdom dragons were rare and prized, and there was this dark guy who wanted to take over like the whole hemisphere so the king sent this dragon to the “southern islands” as a peace gift for an alliance with the queen of the islands? well she sent her trusted people or something to pick it up, and they were pirates who were like led by a boy with white hair who had powers over the weather, and i think some kind of talisman. anyways the queen makes this girl help train her armies and i don’t remember what happened after that. i maybe got something wrong but it was a great series so please help! also i think this girl was on one boom cover and the guy with white hair was on another one.

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Janessa W | 2 comments *book cover

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Metltzi Eli (sphinx_eli) | 7 comments Possibly "Dragon Slippers"? It's a children's book, I believe by Jessica Day George.

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