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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily Kidd (emilyannkidd) | 4 comments Hi!! I'm Emily and I love to read (middle grade is my sweet spot)!!

I am available to offer feedback on your story (any length/stage of completion). I'm not offering editing or proofreading, just overall thoughts, though I will point something out if it's just really obvious to me. :) I'm also willing to complete a worksheet if it is sent.

I will read any type of middle grade, young adult, or new adult. I'm not interested in anything that is strictly erotic, but a descriptive scene or two is okay for the new adult.

I'm currently working on a middle grade myself, and I understand not only the how hard you have worked on this, but also how scary it is to send out to be read! I promise I will treat your story with the utmost care!! :)

I cannot wait to meet your characters!
Please leave requests below or to, and I will respond with an approximate amount of time it will take to complete the task.

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth M | 3 comments Hi Emily!

I’m looking for someone to read the first 3 chapters (~4000) words of my fantasy YA. I’d love to get feedback on my introduction to the world and characters before I continue forward.

It’s about a girl hiding who she is, a killer-for-hire, a rebelling guardian and a rival-turned-ally criminal working together to try to prevent tragedy. It’s a story of found family, questioning the status quo, and learning how to love yourself and accept the love others give you.

Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I would be willing to offer my services to you in return if you would like :)

If you’re interested a message on here would be a great way to get in touch.

Thank you!

message 3: by Sandor (new)

Sandor | 81 comments Hello Emily,
The Black King's quest is nearly over after seventeen years. Soon the Univerlsal War will end and King Kerrasar will reign supreme in a world where no human, wizard or any crature will be safe. The only hope people have lives on the Capital, Planet Earth, unaware of who they truly are.
But they will find out. Each one shall bear the fate and name of a Saviour, and the world's fate will hang on their shoulders. However, not all can be heroes that easily.
My 95K YA novel is a Fantasy and Sci-fi that doesn't shy away from the dark realities of life. A story of war, vengeance and family drama. If you are interested you'll have as much time as you need, and please reach me at or comment below.

message 4: by Nupur (last edited Oct 03, 2019 03:03AM) (new)

Nupur Chowdhury (nupur_88) | 12 comments Emily wrote: "Hi!! I'm Emily and I love to read (middle grade is my sweet spot)!!

I am available to offer feedback on your story (any length/stage of completion). I'm not offering editing or proofreading, just ..."

Hi Emily,

I’m looking for betas for the first draft of my character-driven Sci-Fi/Political Thriller (98K words).

One of the three protagonists is LGBTQ+, although the novel doesn't really focus on romance.

Below is the blurb. You can message me or email me at, if interested.

Fifteen years ago, Jehan Fasih designed a drug that could curb the instinct for violence (and rob the taker of their free will). Fifteen minutes ago, someone blew up the metro station to get their hands on his brainchild.

Jehan must make a decision, and time is running out.

Abhijat Shian and his sister Rito lost their jobs, and their family's reputation, over the course of a single week.

The reason? Their father's trusted protégé, Jehan Fasih, betrayed him and embroiled their family in one of the biggest corruption scandals the country has ever known.

The Shian siblings' quest for revenge soon turns into a murky web of confusing motives and divided loyalties. Is Fasih a genius or a madman? Is their father truly innocent or is there a trail of deceit and betrayal within the hallways of their childhood home?

The Brightest Fell is an epic tale of loyalty, treason, corruption, patriotism, and political intrigue.

When nations are on the brink of war, to be innocent is not enough...

Thanks again for your time!


message 5: by Charlee-Ann (new)

Charlee-Ann Ellis | 7 comments Hi Emily,
I'm looking for beta readers for my completed 80k YA novel about Witches. It has two timelines (1940s and 2000s) and is about a grandmother and a granddaughter who share a name, supernatural powers, and the love of a man trapped in a mirror in their attic. I'm looking for someone who can read and answer a questionnaire after each chapter. Minimum of two chapters a week. If you're interested please let me know :)

message 6: by Norah (new)

Norah | 4 comments Hi Emily,

Hi Nancy,

I’m a French author and I’ve already published five books in France, including a saga which I decided to translate the first season. It has been translated by an english traductor, then proofreading and now, I would like to find beta reader who can give me her opinion before published it.

Inside Me is an 107k word New Adult book (you can find my profil with different comments in goodreads).

My manuscript is clean and I’m just looking for feedback on general feels, fix grammar and typos if it has to. I've also a several questions list (like ‘Can you see every action clearly while reading?’ ‘Could you feel the emotions between the characters?’ 'Did you understand every phrase / term I used?')

Ideally, I’d appreciate feedback by the end of October or early November.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested and if you’re others questions. Thank you so so much for you help.

"Dayton Wyatt has everything going for him. Intelligent,rich, he is the vice president of the biggest company in Houston. He divides his life between his work and his friends. And the girls. With his physique, none has ever resisted him... until her.
If anyone had been told him that this girl would change his life forever, he wouldn't have gone to see her at the party. He would never have dared her to kiss him, he wouldn't have embarked on this "f*****g story"!
This girl is Hofree. She is nothing like anyone he has ever known. She doesn't want him and she’s made that very clear. But beneath her strong and confident attitude, she hides a painful past. Becoming sensitive and suspicious, her quest for the ideal man isn't a long, quiet river. All she's looking for is everything he is not. At least, that's what she thinks...

Dayton always controlled everything in his life, but he didn't plan to feel anything for Free. If he wants her, he will have to earn her trust while taking care to hide his biggest secret—the one that would make her flee as far as possible from him... But even if he succeeds, will he be able to overcome his fear of being in a relationship ? And will Free be able to resist the only man she’s ever really been attracted to?"

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 67 comments Hi there. This is my first novel to write. I am looking for a beta reader to help improve my book. Any help would be appreciated. I wrote a young adult fantasy that is 73,000 words.

A young group of teens goes camping when their plans suddenly change. Magic is released into the world. A team of soldiers tries to save a town from supernatural creatures. Will they survive?

Trigger warning strong language and violence.

If this sounds interesting let me know or you would like more information just let me know. Thank you.

message 8: by Madi (new)

Madi (madzbelle) | 4 comments Hello!

I've written a psychological thriller (with an unreliable narrator) in which I'd love to have a beta reader for. I'm taking a break before editing/revising again and I'm hoping that I could find a few beta readers.

It finishes just over 50k and follows a college student studying psychology. There's a dark secret she's trying to run from, a stalker and fear that maybe it's not all what it seems.

Please let me know if you're interested!
My email is mdornai @ gmail . com.

Thank you,
Madi Dornai

message 9: by Rosa (new)

Rosa S | 8 comments Hi Emily,
I'd love your feedback!
I am needing beta readers for the first books in a series that I am working on. The first book has been read by a critique partner and has been edited and revised several times. I just need some more eyes on it for feedback before I take the next step for publishing. This is a YA contemporary fantasy and is around 88,000 words. If you are interested, I'll send you the first three chapters which are in a google doc.
Here's a brief blurb:
Liv Murphy is just an average teenage foster kid until she gets lost in a cave with her friend, Jaden from across the street. When they think they've found a way out of the cave, they find themselves in an unknown world. In the process of trying to find a way back home, they are separated. Liv discovers that her friend sold his soul in exchange for something he thinks he can't live without. As a result of this transaction, he has transformed into a nightmarish creature. She realizes that the only way to save her friend is the cost of her own life.

Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in reading. Here's my email:

Thank you!

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna Andrade (annaandradejb) | 12 comments Hi!

I just finished my first romance (59k words). The thing is english is not my first language, so I'd love to have your help to check If I loose something on the process as well if you do comment about the story (It'd be amazing).

Resume of my novel:

Now Peter Stein is famous. The Miami boy finally got prestige that he was so highly acclaimed for acting. It was his great chance to shine, and the 22-year-old had to follow in the footsteps dictated by his manager not to get lost in fame. Living in LA had its perks, but he didn't have the presence of a new neighbor who loved to party until dawn.
Alexa Riley was the youngest daughter of an award-winning Hollywood director. With her paternal absence supplied by money and a troubled past, she eventually moved out of rehab to a mansion in a somewhat old-fashioned neighborhood, driven by the words of pastors Langdon Stein, Peter's father, and Arthur Clifton, the first's father. Peter's love, Tori.
Alexa's rebellion distorts the environment and, especially, Peter's heart, putting everyone around and his own destiny against the union. The drama puts professional choices as well as friendships to the test in a heart-melting hot romance.

Thank so much.
Anna Andrade (

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