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Here is where we will discuss The Host. Spoilers are okay here. What did you think?


message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo I really liked this book. It was a bit slow moving but i thought that helped to build the characters especially the relationship between Wanda and Mel. I loved that Wanda got with Ian, i thought they were perfect for each other ( well as perfect as an alien can be for a human!) I really liked Jamie too! I didnt like that Wanda got put in a little fragile body and was treated like a child after she pretty much agreed to give up her life for them and contantly took major risks to protect them and help them. That was the only problem i had with the book

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Jo, I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I thought it was so funny that Wanda lied about the age of the new body she was in. However, I didn't have that much of a problem with her new physique because I'm sure she will gain muscles and be able to do everything she used to with practice. I realy liked the way Meyer portrayed Mel and Wanda's relationship. How it was conflicting at the beginning, but they learned to live with each other and eventually love each other like sisters. All-in-all, very good book and I would put it higher than the Twilight series.

message 4: by Jo (new)

Jo Yeah i agree. I thought that the relationship between Mel and Wanda was very well done. I didnt like Mel at first but i grew to like her a lot. I am glad you liked the book! I think i would put it either level or above Twilight.

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The only reason I liked it better than Twilight, is because I felt like the characters were better developed. I will definitely read more of Meyer's writing as they come out.

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I see on her GR page that she will be turning The Host into a series by adding The Seeker (#2) and The Soul (#3). That is something to look forward to. I would like to predict a child between Ian and Wanda. :) And possibly another between Mel and Jared. That is if the series continues with the same storyline of the current characters.

message 7: by Jo (new)

Jo Yeah and there was more to it than just a difficult relationship. There was the romance element but there was also the whole humanity thing and the struggle to survive. It was also better written. I think the only reason i have trouble putting it above Twilight is because i can see myself re-reading Twilight whereas i can't see myself re-reading this. I think it has something to do with the length though! If the other books in the trilogy are as good/better than The Host then i am sure i will be able to put this series above the Twilight series. I am very interested to see what she comes up with next after these series.

So who was your favourite character in the book and why?

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Jo Linda Grace wrote: "I see on her GR page that she will be turning The Host into a series by adding The Seeker (#2) and The Soul (#3). That is something to look forward to. I would like ..."

I can see Mel having a child after all that talk of being careful and not wanting to bring a child into a world full of aliens that happened in her memories. I also expect that the other surviours will play a big part in the other books.

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Jo wrote: "I also expect that the other surviours will play a big part in the other books."

That would be good. I want to learn more about Jeb and Doc.

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Jo wrote: "So who was your favourite character in the book and why?"

I think my favorite character was Ian. He was so strong and loving even towards Wanda's alien form. That is unconditional love. My next favorite would be Jamie. He was very understanding and the first to befriend Wanda and see her true character.

message 11: by Jo (new)

Jo I didnt feel much for Ian. I loved that he was so good to Wanda and the bit where he held her in his hand when they took her out of Mels body. Very sweet! I also loved Jamie he was at the age where he saw Wanda for what she was and didnt hate her because of something that her race did as a whole and not herself personally. I liked Jeb i thought he was cool. He was very no nonsense and did what had to be done to keep them all alive. I didnt like Jared too much or Kyle. I liked Mel after the a while. And Wanda was great even though at times i just wanted her to snap and hit someone.

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I agree about Wanda. She was a great character, but always so calm!

message 13: by Jo (new)

Jo Yeah and shes so devoted to helping everyone that she is willing to die for them even though they all hated her to begin with. I am very excited to read the next book but i think we are in for a long wait!

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Yeah I think so. All GR says is 2010. Maybe it will be in the beginning, but I doubt it or they would have a cover picture and an actual date for the book. I will just have to catch up on the other series I have started in the meantime. I re-organized my TBR to be 3 different TBRs (non-series TBR, new-series TBR, and series-I-have-started TBR). I am going to try to go through my series-I-have-started TBR before I read any new series and that way I will feel like I am actually getting somewhere. :) I think I have about 50 books on that shelf, but some are not-yet-released books that will continue series I have started already. I'm pretty excited about making a dent in my TBR.

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Jo Yeah i am midway through some series too and some come out soon like the next in the Immortals series and the Blue Blood series. I also have loads of unread book at home! I always end up buying more books just as i am making progress and finding more books i want to read on here.

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I think we all have that issue. I stopped adding new books to my holds at the library so I can make a dent in the pile I have at home. The only books I have on hold at the library now are books that just came out or books that are about to come out and I have to be on a waiting list to read them.

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Jo I buy all my books and i have so many at home. Everytime i say im not going to buy anymore and then theres a group read to buy or i just see one i really want and i buy it.

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Oh wow. I would love to buy all my books because then I would be on my way to the in home library I dream about, but with my husband and I wanting to buy a house in the near future, it just isn't reasonable. Especially because I have one library a mile away from my house and another library across the street from my work... both of which have 3-5 sister libraries that will send books to your library if your library doesn't have it.

message 19: by Jo (new)

Jo Yeah i guess that is better if you are trying to save. I am trying to save to move out so i restricted my self to only buying book thats are less than £3. I make exceptions for books that are the next in a series i love or group read books that i am dying to read. I have lots of books now and like you want lots for my home. My boyfriend on the other hand doesn't like books and said he wouldn't want them on display. I have no doubt that when we live together i will get my way :)

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I'm sure you will! :) Just tell him, if you don't like it, don't go to that part of the house! lol My husband doesn't mind my books. I love to keep them organized and looking amazing. I recently got a new bookshelf, so I was able to reorganize my TBR on it's own bookshelf and now I have some room on both!! I'm hoping someday to have a whole room dedicated to my books and reading (meaning I would need a chaise lounge and a fireplace in that room).

message 21: by Jo (new)

Jo Lol that would be awesome! I would love a room like that where i could just escape.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Escape... that sounds nice. :) My sister moved in with us this weekend and in the evenings we all sit on my new couch and arm chair and each read our own books. That is the highlight of my days.

message 23: by Jo (new)

Jo Thats nice. I cant do that with my boyfriend as he doesnt read. I hardly know anyone that reads. Well not as much as i do anyway lol

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Lol yeah I got lucky. Well, he didn't read when I met him. I guess after being around me for 6 and a half years, he just got used to it (maybe I make it look fun lol).

message 25: by Jo (new)

Jo Lol thats a long time to rub off on him! Good work! Maybe i can do that to my boyfriend. We've only been together a year and a half so theres still time!

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:) Yeah. It started out with Harry Potter having all the books out, but not the movies. He wanted to know what happened next, so I read the books out loud to him. Now he is re-reading them for himself, but he also gets into Dean Koontz books and other similar novels.

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Jo Thats good then :) I think my boyfriend would enjoy something like Dean Kootz or Stephen King or Chuck Palanuik but he just doesnt have the patience to sit down and read. He likes this comedian guy that has a book out thats full of funny things so i am going to get it him for christmas lol

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Good thinking. Maybe once he has a fun book to read a bit, he will see relaxing with a book is not so bad! :) Good luck with that.

message 29: by Jo (new)

Jo Lol thanks! I just realised that we havent talked about The Host for ages LOL. Is no one else reading it?

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Haha yeah I think this has been one of our longest group read discussions though. :)

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I listened to the audiobook for The Host. If anyone is having doubts about reading it because of the size or can't get through the slow moving beginning, I suggest you trying the audiobook as well. I love audiobooks because you can do other things at the same time as reading during the slow moving parts. :) Just a suggestion.

message 31: by Jo (new)

Jo I have never tried an audiobook. I dont really do much that would mean i couldnt read but i could listen to an audiobook. If that makes sense. Like my drive to work is only 10 mins. I guess i could try one though. The size of The Host intimidated me a lot! But in the end i decided to read it after i heard such good reviews. I have a massive book at home called Labyrinth which has been sitting there a while because the size is putting me off but theres no point buying the audio when i already got the book.

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I have Labyrinth at home as well! I have that one on audiobook too though. I was trying to figure out what book to listen to at work next, maybe it will be this one. Thanks for reminding me! I will let you know how the audiobook is for that one once I get through it. That is a book I received from another GR member, so maybe once I have finished it, I can send it to you to try.

message 33: by Jo (new)

Jo Ok i would love to hear how it is. That would be great :) Thanks

message 34: by Gio (new)

Gio (gio23) | 1 comments ok i maybe the only one who feels this way but i kinda wanted Jared to fall in love with wanda. I am not saying that I do not like Ian its just that for some reason I felt like Wanda was settling (even though ian would have been perfect). I felt like wanda was forcing herself to fall in love with Ian and i believe the in the sequel we will see more of a jared and wanda possibility, because I think after rereading the end Stephenie did kind of hint at it... and btw stephenie did say that there is a stronge possiblity that a mian character will die... who do you think that will be?

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Pollyanna (polly8) See I loved that Wanda ended up with Ian, I felt it was like the perfect happy ending. I preferred Ian to Jared anyway. I liked that Jared was able to get back with Melanie.

I imagine that if a main character does die, it would be uncle Jeb, I just have that feeling, maybe because I think the story could still carry on without him.

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I think Jared to start to love Wanda. I think he is still in love with Mel, but loves Wanda too. I guess it will be interesting to see where Meyer goes with that. Also, I don't know who to predict will die because there were so many "main" characters. If either Mel or Wanda gets pregnant, then I think it could possibly be the father who dies (balance: bring a life in, take a life away type of thing). Also, I wouldn't be suprised if Doc or Jeb died because they would both risk their lives for other people. I am interested to find read the next book when it does come out to see what happens and where Meyer goes with the story.

message 37: by Jo (new)

Jo Maybe Jared will realise that he had fallen in love with Wanda when before he had thought that those feelings were just for Mel. I did want Jared to fall for Wanda but near the end i thought that Ian was better for her. She didnt really build on Wanda and Ians relationship too much which could mean for some fights in the next book over who likes who. I think it will be Jeb that dies because he is the eldest. Either him or Jared but i think that Jared has too much potential for other storylines to kill him off.

message 38: by Jill (new)

Jill | 32 comments The part of the book that stayed with me the most was when Wanda/mel are looking for Uncle Jeb and are dehydrated and lost and then he finds them. Wanda has been so careful up to that point about letting anyone know that there are actually two counsiouses (spelling?) inside of one body and Wanda is so tired and scared and out of it that she tells Jeb right off that Mel is still in there too. I also had to wonder if the love and feelings Wanda had while inside Mel for Jared would stay with her when she moved to the new body and I agree with how sweet it was when Ian held Wanda in her true form before she was transfered.

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