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Daniela Saderi | 20 comments Dear All,

It looks like we got almost a unanimous vote for Emergent Strategy as our next book to discuss.

To choose a date for our discussion, I made a Doodle poll. Please let me know if none of these dates work. October is a bit crazy for me as I'll be traveling quite a bit (as I imagine many of you will too).

Here is the poll:

Please fill it out asap so we can get a date on the calendar.

Thank you all! :)

Daniela Saderi | 20 comments Hi All,
Thank you for those of you who have filled the poll already. It looks like the leading dates are:

- October 11 9am PT
- October 31 8am PT
- October 31 10am PT

If you haven't filled it out already, please do. I'll close the poll on Wednesday September 11 and pick the time and date in which most of us can make it.


Daniela Saderi | 20 comments Thanks everyone for filling out the poll. The winner is

October 11 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UTC.

Please add this to your calendars, and let's start reading (if you haven't already)!

Open discussion in this thread. :)

Naomi Penfold (naomipenfold) | 51 comments Mod
Amazing, thanks Daniela! In my diary.

I've made an event page, which people can RSVP too to help with knowing who to expect:

Daniela Saderi | 20 comments Thank you, Naomi! I look forward to this discussion. In the next week I'll be adding discussion points to our note documents and post them here as well.

I hope you all are enjoying this amazing book!



Daniela Saderi | 20 comments I used Naomi's awesome template from our previous call to begin drafting our notes/agenda/discussion points. I'm adding a lot of my own thoughts, but I'll be simplifying in the next few days. Please feel free to add yours in preparation to our discussion.

Google doc:

As I re-read this book I re-discover how much I appreciate adrienne's words and deepen (hopefully) my understanding of her lessons.

I'm reflecting a lot around collaborative efforts, how hard they are to coordinate, but how rewarding they are when they work. One of my favorite quotes is:

“We need to move from competitive ideation, trying to push our individual ideas, to collective ideation, collaborative ideation. It isn’t about having the number one best idea, but having ideas that come from, and work for, more people.”

How is it going for you? Anything you wish to share here before ouor call? :)

Naomi Penfold (naomipenfold) | 51 comments Mod
Reflecting on that quote, I just had a really interesting convo about reframing the narrative of open to balance individual incentives and public good -- we're in a different time from 10 years ago and need to think about this (OKFN have a session on this at MozFest!)

I haven't dipped in to re-read the book yet, but have looked back at old notes and am reminded of the importance of taking time to ask ourselves how we are turning up in the world, whether our actions embody our values.

Can we create space for each other to do this reflection? Without support, I feel this is asking everyone to do even more work. I agree it's important, vital maybe, but I think (like with DEI) it's rare that we feel able to prioritise time to do this work.

How do you all feel?

Daniela Saderi | 20 comments Thank you all for joining the discussion of this beautiful book. I am sorry for those who could not make it, but don't worry, Jessica (thank you!) has done a great job at capturing our chat.

Here are the notes:

Looking forward to our next book discussion! :)

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