Going Off-Center: Observations from an At-Risk Teacher Going Off-Center discussion

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Donna Pfannenstiel Da
5.0 out of 5 stars
Valuable Book for Teachers
July 24, 2018
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This book is a must read for teachers. It would be helpful to both At-Risk and regular education teachers. It will give teachers valuable information and cause teachers to reflect on their students and classroom management.
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Donna Pfannenstiel Amazon Review--by Cindy McIntrye author of "Eulogies Unspoken: Stories of Worth"

Cindy McIntyre
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"Eulogies Unspoken: Stories of Worth" Donna's book is a must read for any educator (regular/or at-risk classroom), or for the parents of at-risk children. She writes heartfelt, yet honest stories of her experiences in education. She examines methods which have been successful and those that have been not, and how a small at-risk school survived, and still continues to help students. Donna offers insights on classroom management, building student rapport, and unique approaches to lesson plans.
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