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Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy, #4)
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message 1: by annapi (last edited Aug 31, 2019 11:26AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

annapi | 5073 comments How can 400 pages fly by so fast?

This is book 1 of Catalina Baylor's story, and as I thoroughly loved Nevada's story, I knew I was in for a treat with this - and it did not disappoint! Except now I have to wait a year (?!) for book 2...

Catalina is asked to help rescue the brother of a friend, and in doing so her new House becomes unknowingly embroiled in a conflict that has been kept secret for a long time, because the consequences of its release would mean world chaos. It doesn't help that her teenage crush, the sexy Italian prime mage Alessandro Segrado, is also involved and seems intent on getting in her way.

I loved it all. I loved Catalina and her mysterious power in the previous books, but now we get to know more about Alessandro, and he's drool-inducingly gorgeous. We have bad-ass characters taking on nasty criminals with a lot of satisfying, explosive interactions. But this is so much more than a mindless Michael Bay-like film (oh, I wish they would put all of Andrews' books to film!), it has a solid storyline (all their books do), and it also made me laugh in the way I've come to expect and enjoy from the Andrews team, and I wish them long life and more writing, writing, writing! Two more books for Catalina to go, and then it will be Arabella's turn. I anticipate many happy hours of reading, interspersed with many more agonizing hours of waiting.

message 2: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7895 comments Your review made me smile-so thank you! "drool-inducingly gorgeous"-😄

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