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Lucie Ande | 5 comments I just wanted to let you know Outcast is on sale this Labor Day Weekend. Head on over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, or Google Play Books to get your copy today!

Outcast (Wiltshire University, #1) by Lucie V. Ande

Lucie Ande | 5 comments Today is World Teacher Day, and it is only fitting that we take a moment to appreciate Cali's Latin Professor, Professor Bábka:

"Professor Bábka chuckled, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling with amusement. I couldn’t help but notice he was attractive for an older guy. He wasn’t old-old like some of my professors. If I had to guess, he was in his late twenties or early thirties with a lean build and sprinkles of grey through his mousy brown hair. He was cute in that academic sort of way, not that I was checking him out; being my professor and all that would be totally wrong, and I totally hadn’t noticed his attractiveness. Nope."

To read more about Professor Bábka and see how he fits into Cali's life pick up your copy of Outcast from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google Play Books.

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Lucie Ande | 5 comments 20% off for Thanksgiving Week!


When I entered the lottery to have my application fee waived for a shot at attending Wiltshire University I never thought I would get in. I mean, Wiltshire University is THE University; you know, the one that people would literally cut off their left arm to get into. No really, it was a thing. There was this whole expose a decade ago about a kid who cut off their left arm thinking it would make them a shoo-in with the admissions board. It didn’t. He ended up at Duke. It's a real cautionary tale. Anyways, when the acceptance packet arrived, I thought it was a fluke, or I was on a reboot of Punkd; I was totally not signing that release. Well, either Ashton 2.0 is playing the long game, or my acceptance was real. Either way, I left my two best friends behind to become a Gryphaera; everything was falling into place for me to have an amazing life.

Was. I’ve been at Wiltshire for a few weeks now and my only friends here are the ladies who swipe my ID card in the dining hall. I mean, you know us girls with our besties, we are always all “Next.” “Hi! Sorry, I had my ID just a second ago. Boiling out there today, huh? Ok, well, thanks. Have a nice day!”. I dare you to claim I'm not killing it in the friend department. Fine, it's pathetic; I know. Not as pathetic as lying to everyone back home about how great things are here at Wiltshire. Oh, and I somehow got myself evicted from my dorm, like, while I was at class; or I walked right into a quarantined building. I'm a little fuzzy on the details. Is that a side effect of the plague? I should google that... Plus, bonus, someone is leaving me taunting voicemails and cryptic notes. See! Killing it in the friend department! That's how I found myself scouring the isolated underground tunnel of Wiltshire’s historic bell tower, because a note told me to. Have I mentioned I'm totes brilliant? That’s where I meet him; in the tunnel, not in the blinding light of my brilliance. That’s where my life really changes.

Outcast is the first book in the new Wiltshire University series; a New Adult/Young Adult, slow burn, reverse harem.

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Lucie Ande | 5 comments Outcast (Wiltshire University, #1) by Lucie V. Ande


Say goodbye to 2019 and ring in 2020 with Cali and every in the Wiltshire University world. Pick up your copy today before the ball drops and the sale ends.

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