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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 1024 comments Mod
Welcome to Renegades Buddy Read Discussion thread! This thread officially opens on September 29th and anyone can join at any time. Please keep in mind that spoilers are allowed in this thread but only up to the group's current reading place. Do not spoil the book if you've read further than the group. Any extra days can be used to catch up!

Each week we will be reading by chapters. The suggested Buddy Read discussion schedule is as follows:

Week of 9/29
September 29: prologue + Chapters 1-4
September 30: Chapters 5-8
October 1: Chapters 9-12
October 2: Chapters 13-16
October 3: Chapters 17-20
October 4: Chapters 21-24
October 5: Chapters 25-28

Week of 10/6
October 6: Chapters 29-32
October 7: Chapters 33-36
October 8: Chapters 37-40
October 9: Chapters 41-43

- Heather
- Isabella
- Mina
- Leslie

Leslie Santillan | 57 comments Since last year I want to read this book. This is the perfect time to start with to read!

I'm in:)

message 3: by Aless, Discord Procrastinator (new)

Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 1024 comments Mod
Leslie wrote: "Since last year I want to read this book. This is the perfect time to start with to read!

I'm in:)"

You are added to the group!

Leslie Santillan | 57 comments Perfect! I am excited to read this book.

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments Oops! Forgot about this one but looks like maybe everyone else did too >-<

message 6: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
If I hadn't written it down I would've forgot about it too... but I'm very behind, I only read the thing that's before the prologue and the prologue 😂

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments I'm going to start it tonight but only reading the first bit as well.

message 8: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
I'm planing on finishing the first 4 chapters. Have you read anything else by Marissa Mayer?

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments I've read all of the Lunar Chronicles and Heartless; this series is the only ones I haven't gotten to yet. How about you?

I'll get through the first 4 chapters as well.. I have a couple hours left at work and then a few more before the kids are gone for school and I can sleep so shouldn't be a problem!

message 10: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
No, not really. I remember I started reading a sample for Cinder and something didn't really click with me so I didn't continue it. And now I'm a bit anxious, will I like this at all? but I'll see that by tonight

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments My daughter has read every Marissa book and this series is her favorite.. So maybe there is hope! I really enjoyed her others so I don't have that same hesitation. Hope it ends up being enjoyable for you!!

message 12: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
plus there are superheroes! that can be fun.

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments I can't recall reading anything with superheroes so I'm excited for it!

message 14: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
The doubt has been pushed off the table because I like this. It reminds me of something because of the superheroes vs. other superheroes but one those groups is actually a villain group I just can't recall what exactly.

Since I don't know if I should put spoiler tags or not.. there are spoilers (i guess) in the next paragraphs

This is a good start. Nova is interesting, but I'm by far interested in Adrian and his power, drawing something and making it real is so cool.

At first I had trouble following who is who, like first Ace overthrew the government or what ever and then Renegades came and they overthrew Ace and now they rule.. hopefully I got the basics. For now I'm still confused with all the characters and who can do what, but after a few more chapters I think I'll get it. Definitely liked the Puppeteer.

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments Just finished ch4, going to work on 5-8 tonight as well.

There were definitely moments that I've gotten a little lost in who each character was when they switch between their names and their alter ego names. Thankfully there is a character reference in the front of my book haha. It's starting to make more sense the further in I get though. Nova and Adrian are most certainly my favorite characters so far but as a whole, I'm really enjoying the unique abilities Meyer gave her characters - it isn't all the standard 'I can fly' type of abilities. Monarch is awesome, and I would love to see her character on screen, although I'm not sure how her ability is the most helpful at fighting bad guys. Puppeteer's ability is creepily amazing as well - he seems like a fun villian!

I like the dynamic of the anarchists from what we've seen so far.. how they work together but yet there is no real loyalty as demonstrated in (view spoiler)

message 16: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
I have the character reference too but I'm mostly listening to it and if not I'm reading it on my phone so it's that easy switching between the chapter I'm on and the references.

Oh, yes, Monarch's powers are cool. As for the most helpful power... well she can disappear/appear fast, that could surely be useful. I mean that's how she ambushed Nova when she was on the rooftop.

I like the dynamic too.

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments Just finished ch 8.

Man, this gets better the more I read. There is no clear "good guy" or "bad guy" and that is one of my favorite aspects. In ch 8 we witnessed (view spoiler)

Some character thoughts... (view spoiler)

Leslie Santillan | 57 comments I´m sorry. The college really doesn't allow me time to read.

I finished the chapter 4! It is a great advance for me.
I can't say much, There are only 4 chapters. I like Adrian and I could love him in the future, he is incredible. His power is super interesting, I want to keep seeing how he is handling it.
About Nova, well... She is a disconcerting character. Did you really throw the Puppeteer out of his own balloon? I will not trust her in the rest of the book.

message 19: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
I had more walking time than usual and I got a bit carried away 😅 I just finished chapter 15

I was pissed with chapter 8 because of the "heroes'" actions, it was so childish and mean. As for Max, I don't know... I haven't thought much about him. Why would you think they are related?

I wanted to say the same thing about Adrian, he means well but... that'll come to bite his ass.
😂 Phobia... well, maybe just a little, I'm imagining more Raven from teen titans but obviously darker and a guy.

chapter 11 (view spoiler)
chapter 14 (view spoiler)

Leslie Santillan | 57 comments Max is a character that we have not been told much. Whenever he enters the story everything about him remains mysterious. I really can't give an right opinion about him, I need that appear more.
But I think for the same thing that it will have an important role, or it already had it and we will see it later. I think it must have a very significant relationship with the Renegades in general, and so far we know that for Adrian it is important.

Well ... I want to know your opinion about Adrian.
I have a feeling, think I will like Nova.😳

message 21: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
How goes the reading for you guys?

I finished chapter 23. I won't be putting the spoiler tags but there'll be some spoilers in the paragraph below.

▪️ I'm intrigued what's Max's power since he's dangerous/valuable and how are the Anarchist going to use him or what they'll do with him.

▪️ I'm a bit annoyed with Nova's feelings. She knows Adrian for a very short time and she's getting soft. As he's the son of her enemies that doesn't seem right especially so soon. Also her getting to see Ruby and Oscar as normal humans, which is great but she's getting to liking them too fast. Before and when she decided to become a Renegade she was fearing that they'll discover her, but instead she's relaxing and getting to know them...

▪️ Nova's new surroundings okay but that wasn't too exciting to me, although the end of chapter 23 promises interesting things happening.

message 22: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
I finished it!
It was a fun read, one of those that don't need much concentration but provide excitement.

By the end I wasn't wowed by the characters and ended up not having a favorite one. The ending was :O I so didn't expect it since I assumed something else about the thing in question.

Spoiler for the Puppeteer interrogation by Nova's team (view spoiler)

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments I'm struggling with this one.. I think I've been reading too many giant fantasy type books and need some fluffy for a bit :/

Leslie Santillan | 57 comments I am stuck in chapter 20. :(

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments Man.. I fell so behind on this one. Got the audio version and its flowing better for me now. On ch 16 currently, but have a couple more hours of listening time at work still.

(view spoiler)

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments @mina - FINALLY FINISHED!

Whew.. that was slow going for me.. I enjoyed the idea and the characters but I think it could have been a hundred pages shorter and I would have been happier.. I'm still intrigued enough to try the second book.

message 27: by mina, Group/Buddy Reads Procrastinator (new) - rated it 3 stars

mina | 2181 comments Mod
@Heather WOOHOO :D

Yeah it could've been shorter especially since nothing much has happened it's only an introduction. I'm intrigued too, because that ending was such a surprise - from the beginning I thought Ace had died.

HeatherH (bkwrm85) | 625 comments me too! I'm going to try to get to book 2 sometime this month. A few people have told me book 2 picks up the pace a lot!

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