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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 1024 comments Mod
Welcome to Strange the Dreamer Buddy Read Discussion thread! This thread officially opens on September 11th and anyone can join at any time. Please keep in mind that spoilers are allowed in this thread but only up to the group's current reading place. Do not spoil the book if you've read further than the group. Any extra days can be used to catch up!

Each week we will be reading by chapters. The suggested Buddy Read discussion schedule is as follows:

Week of 9/11
September 11: prologue + Chapters 1-5
September 12: Chapters 6-10
September 13: Chapters 11-15
September 14: Chapters 16-20

Week of 9/15
September 15: Chapters 21-25
September 16: Chapters 26-30
September 17: Chapters 31-35
September 18: Chapters 36-40
September 19: Chapters 41-45
September 20: Chapters 46-50

Week of 9/21
September 21: Chapters 51-55
September 22: Chapters 56-60
September 23: Chapters 61-65
September 24: Chapters 66-67

- Violet
- Isabella

Violet Stone (violetstone003) | 91 comments I just bought this book a week ago, so I'm excited to start it!

Isabella (isabella32324) | 46 comments I have been wanting to read this for so long now. So many people have been raving about it. I can't wait!

Isabella (isabella32324) | 46 comments why was the 13th skipped?

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Aless (alesstheintrovert) | 1024 comments Mod
Isabella wrote: "why was the 13th skipped?"

Because I spent two hours making threads and I forgot to double-check all the schedules. It's fixed now! Sorry about that!

Dolinka | 363 comments I hope you guys really enjoy it! I DNFed this one :(

Violet Stone (violetstone003) | 91 comments So, I finally started this! I've only read the first two chapters but it seems pretty interesting so far. Dolinka, sorry you didn't like it.

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