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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) This is for those who are currently reading this book.

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Sarah (readingromanceintexas) | 8 comments Anyone reading & ready to discuss? I finished this morning...

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Charlizechat | 9 comments
Well, I admit 13 Little Blue Envelopes was something of a disappointment for me . . . The humor of Johnson's writing, which is, on a page-by-page basis really strong, got me through, but much of the concept irritated me.

I guess I should've expected that; the way the book is set up, it has to play out a certain way. So my objection, I guess, is to the set-up itself. I *did* find the whole thing a bit loony! Why would Ginny's parents let her off on this adventure? Why do so many of the destinations not really move the plot forward?

But mostly--I feel dead Aunt Peg is a problem! She comes off like a senile old woman (I kept mysteriously mis-thinking of her as Ginny's dead grandma instead of her aunt). I feel the whole trip is less an 'adventure' than a kind of sadistic game, like a reality tv show. Seldom does the story relax enough to let Ginny just *enjoy* Europe. What's the rush?! --And poor Ginny's 17, why should her aunt have spent her final days fretting over whether Ginny would ever 'come out of her shell'? There's always freshman orientation!

It's a fine book, really, I'm sure for alot of people it's a treat. And I've loved some other Maureen Johnson books, so i still believe in the author. But I'm freaked out to hear she's writing a sequel to this (if that's true!). I don't really want to revisit these people. Once was maybe too much!

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