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Cartographer of Lost places

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message 1: by Morgan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 10:58AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Morgan any thoughts on who he is? what has he done to get locked up in the tower??

Gilbert I don't know? I am hoping the next book give us a clue. I don't know of any famous map makers. Maybe Amerigo Vespucci the guy who named the Americas.

Jess I don't think he needs to be a map maker, but maybe an artist? The hair reminds me of Dracula, but I think that is too dark.. Help! I'm dying to know.

Derrick Lin first of all, amerigo vespucci wasn't the guy who named the americas, he discovered the americas weren't part of asia... although it's a common misconception -- the americas are just named AFTER him.

second, i think it's merlin... from king arthur -- it's possible, but probably not true, and now that i think about it, he's supposed to be really old... and that does fit since merlin goes backwards in time, not forward... i think i got it ;)

Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson Another possibility could be that he is Johannas Gutenburg, but I'm only guessing. He was a monumental factor for the world of books yet he wasn't mentioned because he wasn't an author. Derrick is probably right though. If I recall correctly The Books of Magic by Carla Jablonski and Neil Gaiman described a similar situation with Merlin.

message 6: by Shadowfyre (new)

Shadowfyre I think he could be Daedalus, from Greek mythology. He had something to do with the labyrinth...

Marsden Cyn If you really want to know, read the third book, The Indigo King.

Petra I think he's Ptolemy. But I'm gonna have to read the third book to find out.

message 9: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Dargain Petra wrote: "I think he's Ptolemy. But I'm gonna have to read the third book to find out."

Ptolemy is a good guess . I've just finished reading THE RED DRAGON and it also doesn't reveal the cartographer's identity .
Just a passing comment about Edwin Drood .

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