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message 1: by Jenny T. (new)

Jenny T. | 36 comments Hello everyone! If you have a Barnes & Noble Nook and need some free reads, come join my other group at:
Thanks to all!

message 2: by Rift (last edited Sep 01, 2019 11:21AM) (new)

Rift Vegan (riftvegan) | 419 comments Mod
This thread is closed and awaiting deletion.

This is not a promotional group, but occasional posts like these are fine from established members (those who participate in the monthly postcard exchanges). I have chatted with Jenny T. and have determined that she's cool. :)

I don't have any rules like this spelled out, and I don't foresee it being a problem. My only real rules for the discussion threads are Be Considerate and Be Kind.

Happy Day,

message 3: by Jenny T. (new)

Jenny T. | 36 comments Happy Holidays to everyone!
Just a reminder about free books in case you have some time to do some reading over the holidays or in preparation for your New Year's reading resolutions.
A new list every Friday!

message 4: by Jenny T. (new)

Jenny T. | 36 comments Hope everyone is being safe and keeping healthy!

Just wanted to share a link to my other group where I post free books that I found for a Barnes & Noble Nook. You can also access the free reads via the Nook app.

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