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Healing Depression for Life: The Personalized Approach that Offers New Hope for Lasting Relief
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What book are you reading now? Is it helping?

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Jeanette Cole | 1 comments Mod
I have just started "Healing Depression for Life" (book and workbook) from Gregory L Jantz. I am debating on creating a workbook for my book on this same subject, so I picked it up to get some ideas and gain more knowledge about overcoming depression. As I'm sure you know, it's an ongoing process. Please let me know what book you're reading now and if it's helping. Thanks!

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Natasha Bronfman | 1 comments Hi,

I wrote my book precisely for the reason that this group exists. I had been very ill with suicidal major depression and was looking for answers as to why I was ill and HOW to get healed. Slowly I found many answers through the words of many authors and personalities, and I finally overcame my illness. I wrote my book in gratitude to those people and also to show the path that I took to get healed. My book is a memoir / how-to / resource book combined and is unique as it combines the knowledge of dozens of books. Almost 30 pages at the end are devoted to listing the books, Youtubes, audiobooks, websites and movies that I watched and read and recommend as extremely useful.

My book is titled Thank you Louise Hay. Thank you Deepak, Oprah, Joseph, Marianne, Joe, Pam, Wayne, Bob, Bruce, Gregg, and, and ...ALL the others… for helping me heal from my depression and return into the sunlight!

I hope that it can help you in your search for answers.

Natasha Bronfman

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