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With the Fire on High
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september 2019: wtfoh > part three: pgs 131-195

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Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments This goes from September 9-11.
We will stop at the chapter called 'The Bright Side'.

What are you enjoying about the book?
What frustrates you about the book?

Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments This book is so awesome! I’m really glad that I’m finally getting to it. I’ve also been listening to this part via audiobook and I love that the author does the narration.

Malachi is an awesome character. I’m loving him and Emoni hanging out and Emoni being like nooo but yes at the same time. Her baby’s dad is being a little annoying and jealous but yanno gotta have some drama.

I love the cooking timeline. My favorite part in this section was Buela and Emoni going to that fancy restaurant and enjoying the food, and Emoni being able to pick out a flavor that the chef was surprised she could.

I’m not frustrated with much actually. I think it’s progressing at a good pace. I am wondering if Malachi is going to end up becoming more than a friend or not...

Heather | 3 comments I'm basically enjoying everything about this book! Emoni's development with her decision to go back to cooking class and her commitment to it and leading the fundraiser makes me so proud of her. I think she's really owning up to her childishness with the situation, and I'm so glad Chef Ayden can see her potential. His comment about how they can both acknowledge that she's got it but they can't let the other kids in class know they know cracked me up! He's exactly the kind of mentor she needs, I think, and I'm really excited to watch her confidence in that class grow.

There isn't anything about the book itself that frustrates me right now. The characters are compelling and honest, they really read like actual teenagers. The pacing is wonderful, with the present action chapters interspersed with inner monologue exposition type chapters that let us get a better look at Emoni's feelings and her history. Tyrone frustrates me but he's written to do specifically that. And even that isn't too much just because it's realistic. He's annoying, but he's a senior in high school, of course he's being annoying and not great at expressing himself maturely. That's what they do, and he's a good father at the very least, so you can't really hate him.
I can't wait to keep reading!

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