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With the Fire on High
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september 2019: wtfoh > part two: pgs 65-130

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Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments This goes from September 5-7.
We will stop at the chapter named 'Home is Where'.

How do you feel the plot is progressing so far?

Taylor (Frayed Books) (tayecar) | 82 comments I’m really enjoying this book so far! I think I’m going to try to read a little this week via audiobook and get a different feel for it.

The plot is progressing fairly well so far, for me. I’m invested and interested and that is sometimes rare for a contemporary for me!

I’m so glad Emoni is in the cooking class and while her teacher is being a little bit of a ‘follow the rules’ stickler right now, I love that she’s being creative. That’s what makes a good chef. I watch enough food network to know that, haha.

I think the balance between the plot furthering and learning about Emoni’s life & struggles is definitely done well. This book feels very real and genuine.

I’m still trying to decide if I like the short chapters. I’m torn! I like not having to commit to finishing a long chapter when I’m pressed for time but the short chapters go by quickly and the subject often switches fast.

Heather | 3 comments I am definitely in love with this book at this point. I like the way Emoni and Malachi's friendship is blossoming and they way he seems like he actually just does want to get to know her to be friends (at least for now). I'm incredibly nervous about all of Buela's doctors appointments and am not looking forward to how that plays out. I think this cooking class is exactly what Emoni needs to progress her skills in the kitchen, honestly. While having a baby at such a young age has made her have to grow up quickly in a lot of ways, I feel like she still lacks an understanding of how the real world works, outside of her neighborhood and her school. While I really want her creativity to shine in the class, the chef is right, he can't grade her on the same scale when she changes the recipe so much and in a restaurant she would've been fired already. I really hope the fundraising opportunity they do for the trip though is a bake sale or something like that so she really gets an opportunity to show what she can do with no repercussions and that it makes more than enough for her to go on the trip.

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