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Star Struck (Forbidden Love, #7)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance. Heroine is a real estate agent and hero is a actor in the adult film industry. [s]

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Shelia Williams | 748 comments The heroine is a real estate agent and the hero who is a actor in the adult film industry want her to sell him a house so he can get to know her. They start seeing each other but he lied to her about what he did for work. One of his female coworkers also goes to her for a house and they become friends i believe and she knows that she is in the adult film industry. One day while talking to her she hears a guy moan and asks her if she is at work an the girl tells her yes. That is when she finds out the truth about the hero because she recognized the moan in the background. Hope this helps that is all i remember.

I remember some more details.
1. He stops calling her or accepting her calls and when she does finally see or talk to him he is cold towards her and lies about meetings or needing to go to a meeting.
2. He tried to get out of his concept but he can't do he has to finish the last few takings he has left.
3. He ends up with a great acting gig away from the adult film industry.
4. I just remembered it takes place in California. One of them buys a house in Malibu (I think it was the hero's co-star).

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Shelia Williams | 748 comments Edited it just added more.

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Cat  | 132 comments How long ago did you read this. Sounds a bit like Fluffy but that is very recent.

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Shelia Williams | 748 comments I found it. It is Star struck by Amy Brent

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