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message 1: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 43 comments Any other fans of this author. I just read her book "Twice Taken"; and her previous book "The Year Without Michael" was fabulous.

message 2: by Doug (new)

Doug Beatty Was she the one that wrote the two novels about the meteor knocking the moon out of orbit? Those were awesome! The second one was quite sad, but very well done.

Peep (Pop! Pop!) Yes! I like her too. Though the only ones that I have read were the two moon series. The third book is coming out soon... April, maybe?

message 4: by Lea (new)

Lea I have seen the third one at stores and it's shipping from Amazon, but it's not listed as being released until April. I found the series too depressing but I bought it for my classroom (I teach 7th grade).

message 5: by Heidi (new)

Heidi I actually just checked Life as We Knew It out from the library - haven't got to it yet, but saw my friend Peep said she "loved it", so I decided to read it. I'll keep you updated once I read it - probably next week.

Shannen *aka Mrs. Jericho Barrons* (shannybananny71) I added Life As We Knew It to my list. I need to read books faster or quit reading this website!

message 7: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Shannen wrote: "I added Life As We Knew It to my list. I need to read books faster or quit reading this website!"

Ha! Me too Shannen. I told myself Monday that I would NOT add anymore books to my pile until I get a handle on my current list. I have no self control I added at least 5 books since then. I need help!

Peep (Pop! Pop!) Sorry, you're asking the wrong people for help!

I loved the first one because it really made me think about what would happen if I was in a similar situation. I compared all of the things they used in the book to the things we have in our home now. Seriously, we'd be so out of luck! But at least I'll know what to shop for a few days before the moon goes psycho, right?

I ended up dropping my rating on the second book though.(Where's my loyalty?) The more I thought about it, the more I hated Alex. Their struggles weren't the same as Miranda's (first book). I still kind of liked the second book though, as it gives a different perspective. (City vs country).

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