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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA Romance-ish - Summer vacation trip between two girlfriends, one rich one poor. The girls get into a fight and the poor one goes to work/stay in a bar. More details in comment

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Rebekah Smalley | 1 comments I read this book between 2007-09. I want to believe that the cover is pink.

Two schoolgirls, one "rich" and one "poor" go on summer vacation to an island to stay that the rich girls' aunts summer house. They end up getting into a fight and the poor girl wants to leave but does not have the money to buy a new plane ticket so she "runs" away. She goes to a bar they had visited and the owner allows her to work and stay there for the remainder of the summer.

She stays in the closet of sorts that has a cot and some furniture, I remember this clearly, she creates an outdoor bathroom of sorts. She hands a hose up to use as a shower and I loved it because she used trees and plants for privacy.

Eventually, she falls for a local boy that is either a bartender or bouncer. This book talks a lot about wealth and privilege. As well as some about making amends with people and forgiveness.

I was also reading Beach Blondes, Spring Break, and Tan Lines by Katherine Applegate during this time, but it is none of those books.
I read this book so much that the cover fell off and I would love to find it again.

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