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Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works
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Leonard Presberg (leonardp) | 3 comments Mod
Let's read Children of the Dream: Why School Integration Works

First discussion topic: Comments on the Introduction and/or why you're interested in reading the book and/or what you hope to get out of this group.

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Carlotta Ungaro (carlottau) | 1 comments Hi Leonard!

Thanks for inviting me. I joined, well because you invited me! One of the good things about book clubs is getting exposed to books you probably would not read so that is another reason.

Is this a group for just this book or for other books too in the future? Have you set a reading schedule? I'm sure I will have more questions but this is enough for now.

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Leonard Presberg (leonardp) | 3 comments Mod
All new. I'm thinking of a regular thing if people are interested. I figured until October to read this one?

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Helen Presberg (helencp) | 1 comments Sounds good. Hoping to get it read by then.

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Leonard Presberg (leonardp) | 3 comments Mod
I don't remember where in one of countless articles on the resegregation of schools I first came across this book, but I thought of it again after the first Democratic debate when Biden and Harris got into it over bussing. For about 5 minutes our news cycle was filled with stories containing almost off hand dismissals of intentional school integration. But my impression was the complete opposite - that integration made schools better for everyone and was more effective in reducing the “achievement gap” than what we try to do now.

So I’m interested in Rucker’s argument for a “three-tiered strategy of counterattack: integrated classrooms, high-quality preschool, and school funding that takes persistent inequalities into account.”

A quote from the intro that struck me:
“Certainly, no one is throwing rocks at school busses carrying black children to white schools anymore. But that’s largely because those busses are no longer en route.”

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