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message 1: by Meher (new)

Meher | 24 comments Mod
never put make up if u have pimples especially blush on
take a moisturizer day and night

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

That is not necessarily true. There is a cover up made specifically for pimples it covers them up and helps treat them to. Here is a website that gives tips on acne.


Ruby~am I a part of the cure? (openupyoureyes) oh.. my net is slow so it wont work...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh Sorry.

message 6: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (thellenator) | 43 comments hmmm...so blush really isn't helping zits...hmm...but if i don't put it on i'm like the palest person on the planet until i get moving!!! it's crazy!!!

message 7: by Manahil (new)

Manahil | 27 comments its better ti keep it natural

message 8: by Nawal (new)

Nawal  ghaziani (nawal_3life) | 7 comments yeah !!!!! like thats totally what u do manahil....

message 9: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (thellenator) | 43 comments yup. tis a good plan.

message 10: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (thellenator) | 43 comments i use Benzaclin....it works for me : )

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