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The Raven

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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary | 305 comments Mod
no, we are not reading it, yet. check out this website about the differences between a raven,and a crow. no, they are not the same bird. also, hear the sounds the two make on this website. it's so cool!

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary | 305 comments Mod
donations anyone?? this could be the "new " stripper......

message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen (stephenT) Gary is an internet research machine!

message 4: by Gary (last edited Sep 01, 2009 04:33AM) (new)

Gary | 305 comments Mod
ha! yeah, i enjoy it when i am looking up stuff that interests me. btw, i am trying to set up with a bird compound to get to see a raven upclose, and i have asked if we could hold it. my bookclub has read poe before,and i called and left a voicemail telling them about poe's 200th birthday,and that i plan on reading THE RAVEN,and then hopefully they can provide the bird,and we can take pictures of each other holding it. i hope they call me back,and we can arrange this!

message 5: by Gary (new)

Gary | 305 comments Mod
This much closer to the raven.....

i had a message on my machine from the world bird sanctuary today.
asked me to call back, which i did,and left another message.
wouldn't you guess that by them calling me,and asking to call back,
that they must have a raven to show us??? i am going to try to set up
a date in october. depending on what they tell me, may be an
evening, or a saturday?

i hope several of us can swing it. i'll let you know what i find out
tomorrow. hope to have even more solid news of getting close to an
actual raven! who's with me?????

message 6: by Gary (new)

Gary | 305 comments Mod
the previous message i sent out to my local bookclub. hope to see that raven soon!

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