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message 1: by H. Scott (new)

H. Scott | 6 comments I wanted to invite everyone to a new form of social media called a communovella. Basically, a communovella is a progressive story written by one author but using the ideas of the readers.

Currently we are working on a story called "Disappear," which is a story about the bizarre kidnapping of a child from a car accident site.

Those who have been involved say they have had a lot of fun. I hope you will join us!


message 2: by H. Scott (new)

H. Scott | 6 comments The poll is up! Go read, go vote!


message 3: by H. Scott (new)

H. Scott | 6 comments The people have voted, and a new chapter is born!

Here's what you do: 1) Go to www.communovella.blogspot.com and read 2) if you have an idea regarding the direction of the story, add it to the comments section 3) Go back between Friday at noon and Sunday at noon to vote for your favorite idea.

A new chapter is posted every Monday, so be sure to come back. We're having a lot of fun with this!

message 4: by H. Scott (new)

H. Scott | 6 comments I've added a post to the communovella that includes summaries of all chapters written so far. So if you want to be a part of this but didn't have the time to get caught up, now you can in just five minutes! And every week a new chapter will be added to the summary, so anyone can join in the story at anytime. Just look for the link "Chapter Summaries" at the top of the Table of Contents in the sidebar.


message 5: by H. Scott (new)

H. Scott | 6 comments
We have five finalists who are in need of your vote! Click on the link below and choose your favorite idea. Chapter seven depends on you!

Happy Voting!


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