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message 1: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Trahan (debwrite) | 7 comments Mod
Students - most of you read The Giver either in middle-school or as a freshman in high school. Read some of the posts other folks are noting about why this novel remains controversial. Post a comment. Do you agree that the book should be banned due to any controversial subject matter? Or do you think the novel is relatively controversial-free and see no reason for the fussing..your comments appreciated on this.

message 2: by Alexandra (last edited Aug 31, 2009 04:07PM) (new)

Alexandra (thirdgenerationjoseph) | 1 comments I don't understand why or how the book is seen as controversial. But then again sometimes I can be too open minded at the wrong time and about the wrong subjects. The Giver, Gathering Blue, and The Messenger are some really great books but I fail to see why they should be banned. Banning books in general is a bad thing in my opinion. It's almost like discouraging people to read. If someone only wants to read books like The Giver and nothing else it's like telling them to not read at all.

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary (themarygraci) | 1 comments I see how some people may think it's controversial, but I don't agree. I do not see it as controversial or believe that it should be banned. I don't think any book should be banned. I loved The Giver and think it's one of the best books written; everyone should read it in high school.

message 4: by Ash (new)

Ash Marie (darklies) | 2 comments I, unfortunately, have not yet read The Giver, but since it seems so popular and it's on the banned book list, I'm going to make it my goal to read it before Christmas. :D

message 5: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Trahan (debwrite) | 7 comments Mod
See me - I have a copy you may borrow. Absolutely do not wait until Christmas to read this treasure.

message 6: by Malerie (new)

Malerie | 1 comments I read The Giver and really liked it. Like Mary, I can see how it may stir up some problems, but it should not be banned. When I think about it, our society is depriving people of this great literature by sticking it on a stupid list. Censoring what a certain population reads is a violation of their rights, in my opinion.

message 7: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Breaud (ryan_breaud) | 1 comments Ban The Giver, why? It talks about powers have a specail "gift" that when you touch the Giver you get it. I can see why it controversial because you are assigned what you have to do in life, but I think people need to read why a world like this wouldn't really work.

message 8: by Paige (new)

Paige | 1 comments I have yet to read this book so I have no idea what yall are talking about!!!

message 9: by Ash (new)

Ash Marie (darklies) | 2 comments Okay, so I read it a while back
I understand why some people want it banned
They're afraid
Personally, I DON'T AGREE!! Banning books in my opinion is just STUPID!!!!
If you don't want to read it, don't read it! HELLO!

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