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Ralph Gallagher I admit, I love romance novels. Whether they're just two characters falling in love, or if they're those cheesy novels you find with big muscular men on the cover. When you read a romance novel, what's you're favorite sub-genre? friends turned lovers, mpreg, twincest, virgins, gay for you, athletes, soldiers, cowboys, something else entirely?

I enjoy friends turned lovers, virgins, gay for you, and sometimes twincest. (Hey, why settle for one hot guy when you can have two of the same? =P)

message 2: by Christy (new)

Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 22 comments That twincest thing never made much sense to me...It seems a little rule 34, if you know what I mean.

I'll read just about any subgenre but I do enjoy the books where the characters don't fall into the 'male'/'female' roles.

message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne (waynehastings) | 6 comments As I just posted elsewhere on this forum, I enjoy coming of age stories.

It's funny you say twincest -- that word made me think of "The Boys on the Rock" by John Fox. Not strictly twincest, there is a set of twins in that short novel I found endearing: Evan and Kevin in their swimmer speedos and twitching overbites.

message 4: by Jay (new)

Jay Bell (jaybell) | 7 comments It's not really a sub-genre, but I like romance novels that go beyond the two characters falling in love. So many stories culminate with the two guys or girls finally coming together, but I'm always interested to know what happens after the honeymoon.

message 5: by Ms. Nikki (new)

Ms. Nikki (miznikki) I love them all, even though I enjoy "ever-after" the best. The "okay, we're together, so what do we do now" is soo sexy. When the rose-colored glasses come off is when the story really grabs a hold of me.

message 6: by Marie (new)

Marie | 3 comments I like romance novels that include action & suspense as well as being a tear-jerker! Stilettos and Steel by Jeri Estes, which I recently finished reading, is a great example.

message 7: by M. (new)

M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments Historic naval and military. Gotta have those handsome men in rugged yet pavonine uniforms.


message 8: by Bill (new)

Bill (kernos) | 26 comments I don't read romance per se, but am fine with romance as part of a novel if it's male with male. I prefer a literary approach. I detest gratuitous romance.

message 9: by Ken (new)

Ken (reedr) | 2 comments My favorite types of gay fiction are:


*Stronger man comes to rescue of weaker/injured man

*Stories where gay guys face serious "real" issues


I tend to shy away from the uber mushy books.

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