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Ralph Gallagher In GLBT literature, I think that 90% of the books are coming-out books, or people dealing with their sexuality.

But what about books where the character just happens to be Gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc? Has anyone read any good fantasy novels with LGBT characters?

I just finished reading The Nightrunner series (what's out anyway) and I loved it. It has two bisexual characters, but it doesn't focus on their sexuality. In the series, their sexuality is just another character trait and not a huge big deal.

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin (therobinreardon) | 47 comments Ralph -- Have you read either of Julia Glass' books? THREE JUNES and THE WHOLE WORLD OVER both have central characters (the protagonist in JUNES is gay), and for both books their orientation is not the point. As a bonus, she's a terrific writer.

Also, my next novel (which will be released in a year) will fall into this category as well. And in fact, it's my goal as an author to get to the point where what you describe is par for the course, because accepting people of all orientations will be just that -- par for the course.

Great question!

Ralph Gallagher No, I haven't read those yet. I'll have to check them out. :D

I'll definitely have to read your new novel when it comes out. I've read THINKING STRAIGHT and I loved it, so I'm sure I'll love this one. =)

message 4: by Wayne (new)

Wayne (waynehastings) | 6 comments Noone suggested Lythande ?

message 5: by Asher (new)

Asher (asherlewis) | 1 comments Ralph wrote: "In GLBT literature, I think that 90% of the books are coming-out books, or people dealing with their sexuality.

But what about books where the character just happens to be Gay/lesbian/bisexual/..."

I have to admit I haven't read it yet, but the book THE MAGICIANS i believe i remember being reviewed as a kind of harry potter in college, surrounded by a lot of experimenting...with magic and other things apparently.

message 6: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (ladyslytherin) | 1 comments I have read The Magicians and I thought it was one of the worst books I've ever read. Basically the main character feels like he's just drifting in the world but when he stumbles upon a school of magic that he gets accepted to, he feels like he will finally find his real place in life. Then the rest of the book is basically about having magic isn't all it's cracked up to be and that when you can do anything, all you are is bored. There is some experimentation with sex and drugs and there's lots of drinking, all of which personally turns me off. If you like those kinds of things that's all well and good but I don't believe it's enough to justify reading this book. It basically starts out miserably and ends miserably in my opinion. I'm sorry but I really thought I needed to say something about it ;>)

message 7: by Damian (new)

Damian Serbu (damianserbu) | 5 comments I recently read The Rest of Our Lives by Dan Stone. It's a wonderful read, about two guys who have magical abilities and have met in different lives before this one. Both characters are completely out already in the novel, and it doesn't have any "coming out" storyline to it. I highly recommend it!!!

message 8: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Erno | 2 comments Damian, I am currently reading yourThe Vampire's Angel, and I'm loving it. Being a huge fan of Anne Rice, the quintessential vampiric author, I rarely otherwise find a vampire story that satisfies me. Yours is the exception. You're a brilliant author, and I've fallen head-over-heels for your characters. Thank you.

message 9: by Nemesis (new)

Nemesis | 1 comments There are many fantasy books that have at least one main gay/bisexual character. Just to mention some of them I would suggest Storm Constantine's books, Doctrine of Labyrinths series by Sarah Monette, The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan, Darshian Tales series by Ann Somerville, Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale, Astrid Amara's The Archer's Heart.
There's also a list where you can add/vote your favourites or simply just find out about other fantasy titles.

message 10: by Philip (new)

Philip | 1 comments Hey all,

I am starting to write around a fantasy novel I've had in my head for several months, and I am considering making the protagonist gay (I am gay myself).

I was curious though, because the stereotypical fantasy reader is a sort of nerdy, straight guy (obviously that's not the case for everyone, especially myself and members of this forum). But, if I want to make some real money off the book (long shot of it getting published and all) would it be better to simply make the character straight to appeal to the masses?

Or, would the book stand a better chance of getting published BECAUSE it includes a gay character?

Thanks so much!

message 11: by Gheesh (new)

Gheesh | 1 comments I would definitely recommend Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald-Mage series: Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise and Magic's Price. Although a little stereotypical at some points, the story is really interesting and it will keep you flipping pages (do not start them in working days!).

message 12: by Jarrett (new)

Jarrett | 1 comments Philip wrote: "Hey all,

I am starting to write around a fantasy novel I've had in my head for several months, and I am considering making the protagonist gay (I am gay myself).

I was curious though, because t..."

Well that depends. I really think you should write what is best for the story. I am no writer but I have started going to my favorite authors websites and have learned about the writing process so you probably should have some beta readers (via writing group or workshop) to get an opinion if you think you can write the story either way and see what works best (those readers I would hope wont be thinking about what the masses like and instead really be giving an opinion about how that charator works in the story being gay or straight).

I have yet to read a fantasy novel with gay charators written by a gay author that was good. I have read some pretty good ones written by straight women. Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunners is owesome (plus she is a really nice lady in person). Mercedes Lackey's Last Harald Mage was great although it left me feeling a bit depressed LOL. I just finished Kirby Crows Scarlet and the White Wolf. The trilogy overall was a good complete story the I really did like though each book on their own weren't complete stories (in my opinion) or the arcs weren't well rounded. I like any book that I read to have a nice story arc onto itself even if its part of a large epic fantasy.

The one fantasy I read with gay charators by a gay auther was not good at all. I don't really want to give him bad review so I wont name names but it was the story itself that was bad not the fact that there were gay charactors. There really wasn't that much originality in it (lots of typical fantasy plot lines and sub stories just readapted for his story) and charator developments was poor and there was something about the writing style that made me think that there wasn't much drafting that went into it because at the very least things should have been made better if this author got more input from people.

message 13: by David (new)

David Burton (davidhburton) Mark Anthony's Last Rune series. This is a series I will plug over and over. I can't tell you how good it is! The lead character is gay and it's just matter-of-fact. And the writing is brilliant.

message 14: by Jay (new)

Jay Bell (jaybell) | 7 comments There's also The Cat in the Cradle by Jay Bell, who just happens to have the same name as me. What a coincidence! ;) My book does touch on coming out, but this is dealt with early on. Mostly it's a young adult fantasy novel that focuses on fun and adventure, but there is a romantic relationship as well. There are free chapters at my web site too, if anyone is curious:

message 15: by Samantha (new)

Samantha King-gee (alonetogether) | 1 comments Strange Fortune Is a good AU fantasy book by Josh Lanyon. Its his first try at purely Fantasy (well it has some mystery too) and its more plot based where the two romantic leads just happen to be male. Its romantic, but not overly focused on their relationship - Like the Nightrunner series.

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